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Thursday February 16, 2006

16th February 2006

Thursday February 16, 2006

Compare:  the day we brought her home (December 30) and this evening.  It is the same outfit.

Her thighs are actually CHUBBY!  So fabulous!

I may stink at getting pregnant,

I may stink at staying pregnant,

I may stink at being pregnant,

I may stink at giving birth,

but dangit, I can make milk like nobody’s business!


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15th February 2006

Wednesday February 15, 2006



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13th February 2006

Monday February 13, 2006



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13th February 2006

Monday February 13, 2006

Just a bit of reflecting here.

When we named Zane, I had never met anybody with that name, in real life or online.  Since he is born I keep seeing the name more and more on several different parenting boards.  One is a few years older, but I know quite a few that are younger.

I have heard a lot of “Z” names it seems.   I don’t remember hearing them like I do now.  I wonder if it is a trend (like the “K” sound was in the 90’s) or I am just more aware of it since I have two with a Z name.  One of the “Zane’s” online has a sister “Zina” and locally, in a very small playgroup, there are two Zane’s and a Zepher.  (who we REALLY need to get together with!)

Just thought it was interesting. 

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11th February 2006

Saturday February 11, 2006

Zane really loves the older Disney cartoons, especially Mickey and Minnie.  Last night Zach saw some nice plush toys on clearance at the store, so he picked them up for Zane.  Zane carried them with him everywhere the rest of the evening, sitting them up to ‘watch him’ if he needed both hands, but mostly in arms.  If he needed only one hand free, he would often give the other one to us to hold for him. 

Play-do with Mickey


Last night, this is how he went to sleep


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10th February 2006

Friday February 10, 2006

I have NO idea where this came from, but Zane has taken to purposefully running into things, declaring “ouch” and then laughing at himself.  Sometimes he gets super dramatic and does a prat fall after ‘running into something’  (I should note here that he doesn’t run into anything with any kind of force…just grazes stuff and pretends he is running into them…the “ouch” is purely for show, not him actually getting injured in any way)

Just one question….


WHY DOES HE DO THIS?!?!?!?!?! 

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10th February 2006

Friday February 10, 2006

I try to avoid politics on this blog, but I couldn’t let this go by without notice

Programs Bush wants to cut or kill

This list demonstrates why “Compassionate Conservative” is an oxymoron.

I wrote a huge post, but decided to delete it.  You can see for yourself where his value system and morals lie.  I can not for the life of me fathom how anybody with a conscience can support him. 

I am glad dh is almost through with school with the cuts in Education.  Not only is he wanting to cut our children’s education, he wants to make sure adults aren’t able to obtain job training or education to help lift out of poverty.

There really are no words to describe how horrified and angry I am about this blasphemy.

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9th February 2006

Thursday February 9, 2006

I forgot to mention yesterday that her hips are just fine.  I had to go into the large regional hospital (W) to have an ultrasound done on her hips to check a possible complication from being breech.  It took a while because the dr had a resident in tow and was teaching him how to do the exam and what to look for.  As long as there isn’t pain involved, I enjoy it when that happens because it is an opportunity to learn more.  I have had enough Biology and an upper level A&P class so I understand most of the language used, which is cool.  I  also like the situation because you know they are being thorough since they are teaching.

In a side note, the resident went to med school in San Antonio, where my BIL is going.  ( I assume there is only one med school there)

I need to remember to ask if it is a problem for her to be as inflexible as she is, or if she is normal.  I know Zane is unusually flexible so it is hard to know what is normal.  I can guess that chewing on your toenails and doing the splits (I really need to get a photo of that) while playing on the computer probably isn’t the norm.

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9th February 2006

Thursday February 9, 2006

Zora is 6.5 weeks now

Our sweet girl


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8th February 2006

Wednesday February 8, 2006

My fingers work again!

I decided to knit Zora some little leg warmers.  I have some pink yarn that I know the gauge of, so I just decided to ‘wing it’.  I managed to make two perfectly matching legwarmers!  I learned a new stitch so that the M1 would match on each side as I increased.  I was really proud of myself, especially getting them to match without writing anything down and putting down and picking the work back up a million times.

The problem is, I am used to working in the round and I knit these flat.  Knitting flat means you have to seam things. 

Seaming such tiny garments means that suddenly the circumference is diminished.


I couldn’t get them on her ankles.


I now am the proud owner of two matching pink pan handle covers.




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