7th September 2011



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5th September 2011

I think I will be moving this thing.

Life is too busy and I am trying to streamline things. I am probably going to go over to Blogger, but I have some things to catch up on first. Will post a link to the new digs when I get it set up. I should be able to post more consistently once I am set up.

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31st December 2010

Dude, really?

New Years Eve Math Lesson:

1 extra large, therapy beanbag chair with pinhead-size styrofoam balls, gaping hole

+ 2 sensory seeking kids.

+ 1 hour of mom thinking “thank goodness they are playing nicely together for the first time today.”

= Zach & I will be bringing in the new year with a vacuum cleaner.

Photos taken for later blackmail fodder.

Some day, this will be funny.  Not today, or this week, but someday.  I hope.

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20th December 2010

Ho, Ho, Ho

As we were getting out of the car today we ran into the maintenance guys fixing the chimneys. Zora asked why they were fixing the chimneys, and I amused the guys by saying “to make it safe for Santa”. :D

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6th December 2010

Facebook 2010 Status Collage

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21st March 2010

March Madness in our house.

We are not sports fans.  Although we understand that people around us love sports, we can’t really understand why you would want to waste several hours watching people run back and forth.  Highlight reel…sure, that is interesting, but the entire game?  Why?

Since both major state universities made it into the “Sweet Sixteen” this year, we have heard a LOT of sports talk.  I even kept my facebook page open so I could see how it was going by the comments while we went on with our lives.  As you can imagine, there was lots of drama when KU “broke their bracket”, and we had another week of listening to sports commentary until K-State did the same.  I was disappointed, because even if I don’t care about it at all, I felt bad for people around me, and am particularly sympathetic to K-State fans since my brother got his engineering degree there.  (and Zane’s first ST got her degree from KU, so I was sad for her too).

Later in the week, as the health care debate was heating up, we invited a friend over, turned to C-SPAN and watched the debates and votes.  Cheering, clapping, booing and talking back to the TV as we intently watched.  A few hours into it I realized that maybe C-SPAN was the nerdy version of ESPN, even including the nail-biting vote counts at the end of the session.

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19th March 2010

Census time!

Anybody else a little dissapointed there isn’t even a long form available this time around?  It was downright boring to fill out so few questions and be done with the whole thing in about 3 minutes. I can’t for the life of me understand what people are worried about after filling it out either, I have had to fill out more invasive forms to rent DVDs.

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31st January 2010


You know you are getting older when you need to mail a letter and have no idea what the price is because you lost track somewhere in the mid 90s. I am really hating the trend where they put a letter on the stamp instead of a price because it forces you to Google it to know how much it is so that you know how many of them to put on the letter, since you haven’t bought stamps for the last half dozen or so price changes. (btw, the little rooster ones with the blue background are 1 cents, the G rate dove ones are 3 cents.)

And on a happy note, those “Love” ones in the background (with the angel) will always be on the bottom of the pile, just there to give me a smile when I dive through the pile. Those are the stamps that went on our wedding invitations.

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29th January 2010

Sigh of Relief

Zach was scheduled for his Unemployment Benefits interview today. When the guy called, after confirming who he was and such, he said that it was just a courtesy call. They had received his documentation, and it was “very sufficient” (which is giggle worthy when you know it was 7 pages, breaking down everything in the separation memo) and the company wasn’t contesting it. We should have the money available to us in the next 5 business days. WHEW!

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2nd January 2010

Throwback Pepsi

Look what Zach found.  A while ago we actually did a side by side taste test of the HFCS Pepsi and the regular, old-fashioned sugar Pepsi, and the old fashioned one with sugar won by a mile with both of us (and our friend Robert who was also curious if there was actually a difference).  Then it seemed to disappear from the shelves.  Zach found some today and I am sitting here looking at it, wishing I could drink it too.  It is cool to see the old label though.

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