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Tuesday May 31, 2005

31st May 2005

Tuesday May 31, 2005

It’s a BABY!

We saw the heartbeat.  I can’t remember the numbers, but they were well within the normal range.  I am SO HAPPY!  (and so relieved)

edited to add:  The estimated due date is now January 16, 1 day before I turn 36. 


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30th May 2005

Monday May 30, 2005

My guys 

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27th May 2005

Friday May 27, 2005


I was checking out the ingredients of Mederma (that scar medicine) to see if what I heard was true.  I found out that the the key ingredient in Mederma is CEPALINĀ®, a proprietary botanical extract derived from onions.  I had heard that in passing one time, but wanted to make sure.  I am SO glad I never purchased any…I guess it is one of the advantages of being poor.  lol.  I need to remember to add that to my “allergic to medicine” on my medical charts.  Can you imagine if somebody tried to put that on me to ‘help’.  Ugh.  I would have blisters on top of scar tissue.

That prompted me to see if onion was the key ingredient in other products.  When I googled “onion allergy product”, one of the first links that came up was this, 43 pages of testimonials of people who are sensitive or allergic to onions.  WOW. 

A lot of them also commented that most people thought they were just being picky and ran into a lot of problems of people thinking that they were being over dramatic.  I have certainly run into that problem before.  I have had numerous meals served by people who always give me a hard time about it where I have gone home to spend hours in the bathroom and I highly suspect that they put in ‘just a little’ because they thought I was lying about it or something.  Potlucks are a nightmare…lots of bread and Jello on my plate because it is about the only thing I can trust.  Lots of “oh, I am not all that hungry”.  Taking a bite of something and tasting onion because it was cooked on the same grill/fry basket as onions and having to let the plate just sit there.

I also found a yahoo group dedicated to people with onion allergies and sensitivities.   

It was really cool for me.  The only other person I have met IRL with onion allergy is my dad.  After reading some of the testimonials I wonder if my mom is also sensitive to them.  She has some of the same reactions as other people (notably, migraines), but I know that when she compares herself to Dad, it seems pretty small.  Onions was also number 3 on a list of being linked to gall bladder problems.  (Milk was number 5…I also have sensitivities to milk, although not lactose specifically I think, so I found this interesting). 

Really eye opening for me.  I wish somebody would do a study on it and it could be recognized on food labels.  The ‘natural flavorings’ is really a stupid and dangerous labels for anybody with food sensitivities.


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24th May 2005

Tuesday May 24, 2005

Beta test back.  Numbers are good.  (13,160 for those who understand this junk).  I will have an ultrasound Tuesday  (Monday is a holiday) to check for a blighted ovum vs. baby, but it is looking like there is a chance there is a baby there.  From what I understand, the numbers being bad (not rising or getting lower) usually indicates a blighted ovum, but numbers being good doesn’t necessarily mean a viable baby, just doesn’t eliminate the possibility like low numbers tend to.

So, it is the best news I can have at this point, but we will see next Tuesday if it is truly great news.

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24th May 2005

Tuesday May 24, 2005

estimating where my numbers should be tomorrow. 

13th 908
16th 1960
19th 5405
22nd 11648

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23rd May 2005

Monday May 23, 2005

It is my Xanga first anniversary.  Cool beans!

Had blood drawn today but I won’t know anything until late tomorrow.   Have I mentioned that I suck at waiting.  lol

I have been really tired lately.  It is driving me crazy how tired I have been.  It has probably been driving Zach crazy too, but he is too sweet to mention it.

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22nd May 2005

Sunday May 22, 2005

A rare family gathering

My Uncle Bob flew down from Montana for the first time since the estate sale.  It was great to see him again, even if I didn’t really get to talk to him much this time around.  This is my mom’s older brother and her only full sibling. 

My cousin, the oldest daughter of my mom’s sister, also came.  I haven’t seen her since Meghan (her daughter) was just a few months old.  I used to babysit this cousin.  lol.  Meghan is about 8 months younger than Zane and the two of them entertained the group. 

So the group included:  My grandma, Bob, my folks, my brother and his wife, Jamie and her husband and daughter, and Zach, Zane and me. 

Some of the antics of Zane & Meghan:

  • Zane gave Meghan a ‘high five’ and she followed him around the rest of the evening trying to give Zane five.
  • Meghan declared the peaches to be ‘poopy’
  • Meghan decided that the (Little People) zebra, hippo, chicken, and jaguar were all ‘puppies’.  It was cute.
  • Zane saw the cookies on the buffet and through the whole meal kept asking if it was ok to go get a cookie now, and followed Zach and I to the buffet any time we went there, stood at the end of the table in front of the cookies asking if he could get a cookie.
  • Individually and together, they spent a lot of time being entertained by blowing up balloons and people letting air out of them.  They would take the balloon to different people to be entertained by them. 
  • At the end of the evening, when it was time to say goodbye, my grandma was leaning down to give Zane a hug.  He leaned in towards her, put his hands on her cheeks, gave her a kiss, then pinched her cheeks and grinned an ornery little grin.  Silly boy.


Meghan trying to blow up a balloon


Zane and Meghan


My Grandma


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19th May 2005

Thursday May 19, 2005

Anybody have any ideas for Zach’s costume?  He is supposed to be a 1920s henchman/bodyguard.  I am thinking pin-striped suit and fedora, but not certain that is exactly right.  Anybody know?  Any ideas on where I can get this costume for cheap?  The hat is especially problematic because dh has a big head.  (literally here, not teasing him…a lot of one-size hats just sort of teeter-totter on the top of his head…sort of like his wife come to think of it.  lol.)

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19th May 2005

Thursday May 19, 2005

Book Meme (tagged by FeeBee)

1) Total number of books owned? More than I can count.  I have a library’s worth in storage right now.

2) The last book I bought? Knitting in Plain English

3) The last book I read?

4) 5 books that mean a lot to me?


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18th May 2005

Wednesday May 18, 2005

Baby people and baby birds

We got a surprise knock on our door this afternoon.  Our neighbor, scheduled for a c-section next week, went into labor and was headed out to the hospital soon.  I went over to see what I could do to help.  I helped put a few small bags in the pick-up truck and then noticed that as she was trying to pack stuff up, she was having to step over and move all the barricades keeping their 12mo in the living room, so I offered to take him outside while they were trying to pack. 

Zane brought the bubbles outside and Zach blew bubbles endlessly for Zane and Justin while they finished packing up.  They were really stressed out and Justin was, of course, reacting to it.  I know that trying to pack while in labor and your child crying would have sent me over the edge!  He was only mildly distracted by the bubbles and singing, but I hoped that I helped.

After they left (and Zane stood outside waving and saying bye-bye) we were headed back inside, but noticed a baby bird.  It was pretty young and I suspect it fell out of it’s nest.  It had it’s wing feathers, but there was still a bit of downy fluff sticking out here and there.  It ran rather than flew.  Zane was very interested in it, but did a good job of just looking and not touching.

I love that Zane got to see a live bird up close like that, although I fear it is not long on this world with unless it figures out how to fly very quickly.



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