17th December 2011


She wanted to show me something in the living room.  Not sure why.

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14th January 2011

Friends over for the night

Zora made a “house” in the space between the sofa and loveseat and my desk.  Throughout the day she keeps dragging things into her house…stuffies, play food, play dishes, pillows, blankets…I am not sure how much stuff she is going to manage to stuff into that small space, but she is certainly getting a lot in there.   :laughn2:   She worked all day to get it ready for Eilysh’s visit in the evening.

Zane recently discovered that his DSi takes photos and is showing it to Alex and Cody.

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9th January 2011

Peace on Earth

SNOW! Big, beautiful, peaceful flakes. Happy & Cozy.

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7th January 2011

Weekends are better

It is nice to be looking forward to the weekend instead of dreading it. When you are unemployed, the weekends stink because you have no hope of being called for an interview, and no money to do anything.

I am SO SO VERY ready for respite care to resume tonight. I really missed it over the holidays.

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6th January 2011

Growing Up

These children of mine are growing entirely to quickly. They went back to swimming lessons today and Zora definitely needs a new suit, and if Zane gains 2 lbs, he won’t be able to get his on. Slow Down! I can’t keep up with y’all!

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2nd January 2011


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31st December 2010

And the year ends

dropped glass broken, bleeding son who won’t keep the band-aid on, overflowing toilet from the girlchild’s overuse of toilet paper, spilled food, whining about everything, laundry & dishes mountains. I hope next year is better than this one.


later…It is better now that Zach is home from work. Everybody is happier. Honestly, I am thankful to only have “normal” kind of “bad day” problems, because there are much worse kinds of days to have.

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17th December 2010

Busy girl

Zora strikes again

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15th December 2010

Booooring Mom

So far this day is awesome, except for Zora constantly saying “it’s too booooring” every 2 minutes.

And, in Birthday preparations…

Kids are throwing me for a loop. I assumed that Zane wanted another Mario themed cake and Zora would want either a car and/or princess cake…nope, he wants “Pirates, with a 3D boat and 3D captain”. wuh whut? Zora wants a Dora cake. Both want “a cake with cupcakes around it”. Zora wants star candles. This shall be interesting.

and later….Now she wants a rainbow cake. That sounds so much better to me, I hope she doesn’t change her mind.

And, a quiet evening with coffee, drop of vanilla extract, some cinnamon and nutmeg, a bit of milk, curled up to watch Hell’s Kitchen finale.

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7th December 2010

Mark this on the calendar

Zora said “Mom was right”. Wish I would have gotten a recording of it. lol.

(she wanted to wear short-alls, I told her it was too cold and she needed to wear pants, she said she would put on pants over it, I told her that wasn’t going to be comfortable)

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