17th December 2011


She wanted to show me something in the living room.  Not sure why.

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27th January 2011

Hanging at the Y

Zora didn’t have school today so she had to hang out with me while Zane had his gymnastics class.

He really loves being upside down, and there is an element of entertainment to watch him do so with long hair.  His head is actually a good 6 inches from the floor.

Zane is reminding me he is Autistic today. The lights in the bright sunny gym went off and it took a lot of effort for the teacher and I to get him back on task.  He was really upset by the change.

Trying the “dance” game.  She actually wasn’t too bad at it.

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27th January 2011

Playing together

They purposely log onto the same game server on Club Penguin so they can challenge each other in games.   :love2:

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15th January 2011

DSi Fun

During the day I kept noticing Zane taking pictures of himself with his mouth weird and doing other odd things.  I couldn’t figure out what he was doing.  While we were at the restaurant he kept working, finally producing these hilarious masterpieces with his DSi.  Cool!

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14th January 2011

Friends over for the night

Zora made a “house” in the space between the sofa and loveseat and my desk.  Throughout the day she keeps dragging things into her house…stuffies, play food, play dishes, pillows, blankets…I am not sure how much stuff she is going to manage to stuff into that small space, but she is certainly getting a lot in there.   :laughn2:   She worked all day to get it ready for Eilysh’s visit in the evening.

Zane recently discovered that his DSi takes photos and is showing it to Alex and Cody.

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13th January 2011

Snow Play

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31st December 2010

Happy New Year?

The last day of the year was one of those days were the kids were picking at eachother all day.  So, in the evening, when they went downstairs to play before bed, I was happy to note that they seemed to be getting along better than they had all day.  Then Zora came upstairs to get a drink of water, and she was covered from head to toe in little white balls.  We followed the trail back to the downstairs bedroom and found Zane on the floor, making “snow angels” on the floor in the bajillion balls of a broken oversized bean bag chair.  It was obvious, from the indentions, that Zora had been doing the same thing.  It was well over 6 inches deep in places, and static electricity meant they were E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E

So, we brought the new year in with a vacuum cleaner.

Some day we will laugh.  Some day.

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29th December 2010

Why I want to leave this neighborhood

The kids have been told repeatedly by the neighbor who lives here to not climb the tree.  It is diseased and not safe.  These kids are not only climbing it, but trying to get Zora to climb it.  I told her no.  When I ducked inside to refill my coffee, when I came back out, they were trying to get her into the tree, not FIVE MINUTES after I made it clear that she was not to climb the tree.  (she was outside playing soccer with a different neighbor kid until these kids came over).

I am officially the “MEAN MOM”.

It wasn’t long after this that the tree cracked in half.

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17th December 2010

Busy girl

Zora strikes again

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11th December 2010

Rockstar and other fun

Robert and his kids spent the night.  Fun was had by all.

They brought the rockstar and the kids all jammed out

The girl’s interest waned and they found better things to do.  The leaves, the sun, and a beautiful autumnal day.

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