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Why we wanted the Droid, and not the Apple

14th December 2010

Why we wanted the Droid, and not the Apple

Because it is more fun to play with.

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9th December 2010

WooHoo! Nerd Joy

A couple of very happy nerds today.   :love1: :ldance:

And, the first photos for the phone directory thing, not the best look for me, but hey, such is life.  lol.

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29th May 2009

DS death

#149  Where they get the t-shirt slogan “I void warranties” from.

Zane’s Nintendo DS (which, actually, is not under warranty any more) pooped out.  It is his most prized possession.  Unless you understand the obsessions of many Autistic kids, I don’t think you can understand the level of importance this is to him.  Zach worked on it most of the afternoon and evening, cannibalizing another DS that died a while ago, but to no avail.  We are calling my parents tomorrow to see if they can loan us the money to replace it because this is a true emergency in our house.

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13th April 2009

Kindle Love

#103 Meet George. I will love him and squeeze him and pet him. And I will keep him warm like a mother hen, so he will never feel rejected or lack for love. aka: My Kindle Cover from StrangeDog arrived, after a month of stalking his site, several people sniping it out of my shopping cart, and hoping that when I finally did get one of the covers to go through that it would actually be one that I liked. lol. Worth the price, and the wait. Very nice craftsmanship. (and yes, I have watched entirely too much Bugs and Daffy in my life)

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29th March 2009

New AWESOME toy for ME ME ME.

#88 My new toy. I am SO loving it. It will also make packing for Germany a lot easier, and I won’t run out of books in 3 days. (and if I do, the Kindle lets me download from Amazon in under a minute)

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18th March 2009

On the Hunt

#77 Stalking the Stockings. I feel like I am back in my cloth diaper buying days, with a window constantly open and refreshing to see if any covers have been stocked. So far, no luck.

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2nd February 2009

Zane’s Favorite thing in the Whole World

#33 “Zane’s favorite thing” Nintendo DS

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