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Knitting “help”

30th April 2009

Knitting “help”

#120 Knitting Helper. I am trying to learn a new cast on for toe up socks. At this point I have ripped about 5 times, and suspect it will be more. (my concentration stinks right now) Zora sees me knitting and wants to help, so she randomly starts sticking dpns into the knitting. *sigh*

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29th April 2009

“Healthy” Pop

#119 Healthy Pop. (Zach would say “Soda”, but this is my blog) It is a sad, sad thing when the “healthy” pop is the stuff with normal sugar because most pop is made with High Fructose Corn Syrup.

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28th April 2009

There’s always a bright side

#118 Uninterrupted Mario Time. Zane is the only one not sick in the family and is really enjoying being able to play mario as much as he wants to because mom and dad feel too rotten to really worry about it.

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27th April 2009


#117 Biggest Trash Pick Up Ever. We can usually skip a week of pick-up and still have it fit easily into the can. This was only a portion of it because we held some back to go next time so we didn’t get charged for extra (you can have up to 10 bags besides the can)

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26th April 2009


#116 The Basement is Clean! After finishing the garage, we decided to tackle the basement too. The overhead light isn’t working (from the neighbor’s blowout), so it made it more of a challenge to do it by the lamp and flashlights.

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25th April 2009


#115 We are completely moved in now. Two years later. We finally got the garage cleaned up and organized over the weekend. We had piles of trash and things to donate scattered across the lawn, and kept the kids busy “washing” the bikes (they liked playing with the water hose). We found boxes in there with the remnants of two Christmas’ ago. You couldn’t really walk through it before the big clean out. The motivation? Steve gave us his deep freeze (the white thing near the door) and the outlet doesn’t work and we need to have maintence come fix it. The neighbors blew out an outlet and it killed this outlet and one in the basement (but not the sump pump one, thank goodness).

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24th April 2009


#114 Always Fashionable. Pushing around the stroller in the back yard.

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23rd April 2009

Hang it.

#113 Hats.  Wish we had more, especially interesting costume hats.

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22nd April 2009


#112 Everlasting Tomatoes. A few months ago I bought about 80 cans of tomatoes at $.15 each. We still have a few left lined up neatly in the basement. (the only thing neatly in the basement. lol)

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21st April 2009

You do have toys, you know

#111 Current Obsession: Coins. She wants to play with them, count them, hand them to you, carry them and generally play with them.

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