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Working on his next creation

31st May 2010

Working on his next creation

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31st May 2010

Memorial Day, Family Day

On Memorial Day Mom, Dad, Steve & Nora all came up here and we shared a meal.  Burgers on the grill, followed by blueberries, Steve’s homemade ice cream & some homemade chocolate sauce.  Mom and Dad brought up a little swimming pool for the kids and we blew up some plastic outdoor toys we had received as gifts last Christmas from Heartspring.  They spent the day in and out of the water.  It was relaxed and fun.

She is dipping the blueberries into the leftover, cooled chocolate.


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28th May 2010

Nerdy toy fun

The robot detects objects, gives a warning, then shoots a ball.

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26th May 2010


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23rd May 2010

Princess Prince

Playing dress up with Eilysh.  Zora was the “Princess Prince”

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13th May 2010

Sunshine Reading

Sharing a book in the sunshine

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11th May 2010

Park meet-up with preschool friends

It is the first time I have been to this park, but will not be the last.  It is a drive for us, but it is awesome.  It is fully fenced in, handicap accessible playground, so it accommodates nearly any playdate we might have.

Zora was SO EXCITED.  Not only a great play area, but a lot of her friends from school also made it.  She was in heaven.  Zane found a whole lot more to enjoy here than he does in typical playgrounds too (and with the fenced in area, I didn’t have to hover to make sure he didn’t leave), so it was truly a win-win for our family.  It was really nice to sit and chat with the other moms instead of chasing after kids every moment.


And from one of the other moms…

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6th May 2010

Last Day of Preschool

Zach took Zora to her last day of Preschool.  They were planting flowers and decorating the flowerpots for Mother’s Day.

She was very proud of her flowers.

It was a great year, with lots of growth, and I can’t wait until next fall when we can do it all again.

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5th May 2010

Zora’s Last Day of ST for the Semester

Zora is saying good-bye to the student ST she has had all year, both at preschool and individual therapy.  Luckily, it won’t be a total good-bye for me because she will have Zane as a client this summer in a new literacy component we are planning on adding to his schedule.

She has done a fabulous job with Zora this year.  I was truly impressed.

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5th May 2010

Grape Bacon

I had to giggle when Zora decided to make “bacon” out of Zane’s play-do.

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