28th April 2010

ROCKO video

Linking to a video that ROCKO used at their recent fundraising event.  This organization has had a  major positive impact on our lives.  There are some weeks we feel like we are living for the upcoming respite event and the chance to spend time together with just the two of us.  The kids also look forward to it.

The family signing in at the very beginning is us (I am signing paperwork), and both of the kids are featured throughout.

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27th April 2010

Post Swimming Lessons

Both kids are doing a great job at swimming lessons.  Tonight we had a comment from Zane’s latest teacher (for the last month or so) when they handed out the report card things.  Zane is very, very close to passing the first level and moving on.  (he just needs to remember to continue to kick his legs while he is swimming).  The teacher commented that Zane is a “very hard worker” and that if he has somebody that pushes him, he should be able to make it to the next level this next time.  (classes are month long).  I hope we get this guy again because he does a good job of pushing him.  I was really happy with the first lady we had because she did a good job of teaching him when he was at the biggest safety risk, but I think this guy does an excellent job of pushing just the right amount, something I have a lot of respect for.  One particularly cool thing was that when they did the “diving for the ring” (retrieve a ring at the bottom of the pool), the other kids were hesitant and the teacher told Zane to go first.  He did.  The girls cheered as he retrieved the ring from the bottom too.  It was neat, and it was an especially exciting moment for us watching him because he did it on verbal instructions, without watching another kid do it first, a rather big deal for him.  We are so proud of him.

Zora is close too…she just needs to get more comfortable with floating on her back.  She is doing really well though and is nearly fearless.  She attempted to swim in deeper water today, from me to Zach, but she couldn’t quite do it, but was very close to being able to do it.  I was proud of her for trying it.  It is fun to watch her jump in the water in utter abandon and joy.

These were taken when we got back home. (hence the dampish hair)

And Zora.  You can see the “bangs” she cut into her hair.  I think I am going to need to even them up tomorrow, but she is cute anyway.

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25th April 2010

Safety Scissors are EVIL

Because they have the word “safety” in them, and you think, after several years safely weilding them, that they would continue with their solid reputation.  Alas, it will now be said in irony.

I can’t get a great picture of them, but there is a section that it at the scalp, and another area that effectively gave her crooked bangs that I didn’t really see until the next day.  It could easily be worse though.  Between her hair texture and color, it isn’t as obvious as it could be, but I suspect I will be cutting bangs into hair in the next few days after I get a better grasp of the damage.

Although I am thankful she didn’t follow in my footsteps.  I never cut my own hair, but I did give my brother a similar haircut.  Luckily, my brother was much more amiable to a haircut than hers would have been.

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22nd April 2010

Firetruck Day!

Zora was stoked.  The fire department came by the preschool and gave all the kids a ride.  The fireman even gave out hats, which has been played with nearly every day since at our house.

:bago: On a “bad mom” note, I noticed the jacket she was wearing.  It isn’t ours.  I am guessing that she didn’t wear her jacket to school, and they gave her one that they had sitting around for such occasions.  The really embarrassing part?  I think Zane wore the same one years before, at the same preschool, for the fire trucks coming.  At least I am consistent.  (we are all warm blooded and since both kids reject coats, we only push the issue when it is cold enough for frostbite risk or, in situations like this, when we know that we will get a stink eye from people who get cold much faster.  I just didn’t pay attention when she and Zach left for school)

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21st April 2010


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19th April 2010

Cornstarch + water = ewww

At Speech Therapy/Friendship group they did a sensory/science experiment with cornstarch and water.  Of all the kids that had done it that day, apparently Zane was about the only one who thought the resulting substance was cool, and, being the nerd I am, I mentioned that we should make some when we got home to see if we could do the Big Bang Theory speaker experiment, and they gave me all their goop to take home.  (I must be crazy to have been excited about it…if you can imagine me carefully driving home to avoid spilling it all over the car).

Well, the experiment didn’t work, probably because our subwoofer isn’t powerful enough, but we did manage to contain our mess enough not to ruin the speaker (truly an accomplishment for us).  The goop was then banished outdoors for further experimentation, and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it.

I did have a moment of panic the next day when I was putting Zane’s hair back for gymnastics and discovered what I thought was some horrible skin/scalp condition, called Zach over, and after some worry suddenly realizing it was dried cornstarch caked onto his head.  Duh.

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17th April 2010


I don’t generally have my camera with me at the grocery store, but since I was already carrying it (didn’t want to leave it in the car), I decided to embarrass myself by taking pictures.  :laughn1:

One of the neat things about this store is that there is often a little shopping cart available.  Zora loves to use it, and it makes me happy to see her enjoying it because it brings back memories to me of pushing a similar cart around Buhler Market when I was her age.  (and those are books in the cart.  This Dillons has a public library branch attached to it.  I needed to return one book, and as per usual, we came back out with more than we took in there.  We are book hounds around here).  The balloons were a bonus this trip…the florist offered one to each kid, and they were really excited about it.

Even though she knows she won’t get it, she still has to ask.

and ask…

I don’t want to mislead you…although I am making an effort to change us to a more healthy diet as a family, there was a bottle of juice and some macaroni and cheese in the cart under all that broccoli, spinach and cauliflower.  lol  (but there were no bakery items other than the bread, simply because the smell of them drives me crazy)

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17th April 2010

MCC Sale

We met my folks at the MCC sale again this year.  After some yummy sausage, vernike and cheese curds, they took the kids to the inflatable playground area and Zach and I got to wander around by ourselves and look at all the neat stuff.  It was almost like a date.  lol.   Even had some people stop me who read the blog (Hi out there!).

As the sale neared it’s close we went back to the kid’s area to find that Zora had made an instant best friend (not much of a surprise. lol) and both kids had a lot of fun.  Zane was starting to zone out, so the timing was good.  (had fun, but he was about done).

Zora and her new friend

And, since I didn’t have one photo where everybody looked good, I will ask you to use your imagination and combine these two photos.  Mom is good in both, but take Dad and Zora from this one…

and my Mom and Zane from this one…

…and you have one good photo of my folks and their grandkids.  :wink:

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16th April 2010


While Zach and I sat in a comfy corner booth at the local IHOP, reading books and drinking coffee (something we used to do all the time before kids), the kids had fun at ROCKO.  The highlight was Bubble Man stopping by.

(photos taken by ROCKO people)

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15th April 2010

Fifteen years.

A relaxed and happy day, kids who went to sleep early, and a nice dinner for us.  My soul is happy.

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