16th April 2009


#106 Fourteen Roses for Fourteen Years. I have a sweet husband. :) On a funny note, on our Anniversary, when Zach brought the roses, the florist messed up and gave him 14 stems, but only 13 roses. He went back to retrieve another rose to complete the set.

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13th May 2008

Anniversary Date

Twenty-nine days late, we celebrated our Anniversary.  My mom came up and played with the kids (mostly in the backyard) this afternoon.  We went out to eat, and then did what everyone does when they are celebrating…went to a used bookstore.  lol.  It was so nice to wander around without having to keep little hands from pulling things off of shelves and darting off while you try and browse. 

x2008-05-13 003.jpgYou would think that since we are away from the kids we would browse the grown-up literature.  nope.  I spent most of the time browsing through the children’s section.  I probably put back 10-15 books that I wanted for every one I purchased.  Most of the books were around $2, with a few at $5.  All but one were hardcover books.  Sweet!

Although I would have loved to browse the fiction, my reading list goes unread at this point anyway, and I need to thumb through some parenting books on my shelf as my kids suddenly hit new phases that I am not entirely sure how to deal with, so it isn’t like I would get to read fiction anytime soon.  Considering I read at least 10 kid’s books a day (on a light day), I have motivation to try and add some variety to that.

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15th April 2008

Lucky 13

My best friend, followed by mom called today to wish us happy anniversary.  I didn’t even realize it was my anniversary until I was talking to my friend and she mentions “…so he only has 15 days to finish the thesis?”  and I went “yeah…wait a minute…is it the 15th today?”  duh. 

Not feeling particularly celebratory today.  We have $3 in our bank account, I have a sore throat, headache, my chest feels tight, and the beginning of an ear infection.  The ST was sick today, so Zane didn’t have therapy today and I am wondering if I caught whatever she has.  (stuff is going around at all of our therapy providers actually). 

Zach has spent most of the day in front of the computer cussing at the screen and asking me math/computer questions that I certainly hope are rhetorical because I don’t even understand half the words in the sentence.  lol.  He is snuggling and singing with his favorite kids right now, taking a break.  Makes my heart happy to see him with the kids.

So, 13 years ago we got married.  One of the top days of my life.  I made a really good decision that day. 

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24th November 2007

18 years since Harlem Nights was in the Theater

Zach & Jennifer
18 years 0 months 0 days
since our first date

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