Taking the Scenic Route

Zora, stir crazy.

1st February 2011

Zora, stir crazy.

Zora has requested that Opa come up here to move the snow so we can go to the store. LMAO. (he runs the grader/snowplow for their township, an hour away)

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29th January 2011

It’s a “Smart car”

Zora misheard us and called it a Smurf car. I like her version better.

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29th January 2011

Fashion Goal: As many colors as possible.

I hope she holds on to her fashion sense.  I love it.

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26th January 2011

Touring Magnet Schools on “Oma Day”

This semester, on Wednesday, my mom comes up to Speech Therapy to pick Zora up during Zane’s Friendship group and spends the day with her.  This time we are switching things up.  She is going to have a day with Zane instead.  He wants to go the Kansas Cosmosphere in Hutchinson and to “Subway, Eat Fresh”.  Zach got off work to go with Zora and I to tour different magnet schools.

By the end of the day, we think Earhart will make the top of the list, with Hyde a close second, and Buckner (the closest one) as our third choice.  We liked all the schools we went to, but those seemed to be the best fit for Zora’s personality.

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24th January 2011


An often repeated scene.  This time, with Mr Seahorse by Eric Carle

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24th January 2011

A Beaver Kite

Set her up with an easel, and this is what she does.  Don’t get the beaver kite, but it did make me smile.

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23rd January 2011


hee hee

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17th January 2011

Cabbage Patch Kids “Touching Tunes”

Eilysh gave Zora the Cabbage Patch Touching Tunes Kids game for her Birthday.  It was a vintage game they had found at a second hand store.   There were a bunch of different games with the one system, and it featured a thing where you had to each touch a spot on the playing field, and touch the other person for the tune to play.  Zora loved it.  (not a game I want to play a lot, but she loved it, and that is what is important).  It was a cute game, good for the preschool set.  This one kept getting stuck on the “Happy Birthday” song, which delighted Zora, but made the grown-ups want to use a hammer on the thing after a while. lol.

a picture I found of the whole thing online:

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6th January 2011

The Y

Swimming across an area over her head.  Go girl!

Gymnastics Again. He is in a class by himself, literally. Next week there will be another kid, but she moved to another class when we chose to take a break in December. He lasted 45 minutes, which is pretty good considering how intense it is when it is one on one.

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4th January 2011

Zora art

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