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Hanging at the Y

27th January 2011

Hanging at the Y

Zora didn’t have school today so she had to hang out with me while Zane had his gymnastics class.

He really loves being upside down, and there is an element of entertainment to watch him do so with long hair.  His head is actually a good 6 inches from the floor.

Zane is reminding me he is Autistic today. The lights in the bright sunny gym went off and it took a lot of effort for the teacher and I to get him back on task.  He was really upset by the change.

Trying the “dance” game.  She actually wasn’t too bad at it.

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6th January 2011

The Y

Swimming across an area over her head.  Go girl!

Gymnastics Again. He is in a class by himself, literally. Next week there will be another kid, but she moved to another class when we chose to take a break in December. He lasted 45 minutes, which is pretty good considering how intense it is when it is one on one.

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12th August 2010

End of Summer Swimming Lessons

And she begged to wear her “fancy” shoes.  :laughn2:   She got comments on them all the way to the pool, which probably will make it even harder to get her not to wear them again.

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2nd March 2010

Swim Lessons and Safety

As we get closer to summer the class sizes are probably going to be at full capacity from now until next fall again, which means he isn’t as “one on one” as is ideal.  (but he is still in a small group).  A few weeks ago we told him that he either needed to get his hair cut, put it in ponytails/braids, or wear a swim cap (lycra, so it doesn’t hurt).  He loved the swim cap, and when I went to order one for him I decided to get the brightest orange color I could find (he likes orange, and it stands out the best in the pool).   It helps keep him more visible so he is a little safer.  It also helps us be able to see him from across the pool and in the waiting area, so I know if he has been under too long…he keeps practicing holding his breath under water and it is necessary, but making me crazy.   The only thing I wish I could find is one that is tighter AND bright orange.  He loved the deep pressure of the original cap.

Both kids are doing well, making steady progress.  This week Zane was finally able to float successfully.  Zach worked with him on it, and he is able to maintain a floating position until you actually say “Zane, you’re floating!”, then he stiffens up and loses the float.  Progress is good.

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9th February 2010

Thank you Grandma

When my mom heard that we pulled the kids from their swimming and gymnastics lessons she offered to pay for it so that they could keep going.  They both love going to the Y, and it is good for both of them, so I happily accepted the offer.

Zane’s hair is long enough that I told him we either needed to cut it, wear it in a ponytail, or he could wear one of my swimming caps.  (the lycra one, so it doesn’t pull the hair so bad).  He chose the cap.  He liked it so much (I would guess the tightness appealed to his love of deep pressure)  that I ordered him one in orange for next week.  (orange is his favorite color, so it was easy to talk him into, but the main reason was because it will help the teacher,the lifeguards, and us to be able to keep track of him easier in this group of kids, and with a 6-1 ratio, I want to give them every advantage I can.  All of the classes are full, so there was nothing with the small class size like I could in the fall.  Usually he towers over his classmates, but this time he “fits in” a lot better, which is really cool, but does make it a bit more challenging to keep track of him.) We had to talk to the Aquatics director to make sure he had the same teacher, because she is SO awesome with him.  I found out that she isn’t available during the day because she is a teacher, which makes total sense as to why she can handle him so well.  I really like her a LOT.  Zora had a different teacher, but that isn’t a big deal for her.

Zane did give us a bit of a scare.  He was so excited to be back in the water again that he started practicing putting his head under water, but he did it in an area where the pool is just a little too deep for him.  He was pushing back up above the surface, but it was clear he was literally over his head as he began to flail.  Fortunately, the alert teacher saw what was happening and got him back to the wall, but it was a bit heart stopping for us watching him.  He did a lot better the rest of the class.  I have a feeling he sort of scared himself too.

(he’s on the far right)

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22nd October 2009


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20th October 2009

Swimming Lessons

In a fabulous turn of events this week, Zane is the only one who showed up for his age group’s swimming lesson, so he, in effect, got a private lesson. It was really good for him and I like his teacher a lot. (I like both teachers, but it is a lot more challenging to get good teachers for Zane) Zora, on the other hand, loves being in her group of “bwends” (friends), so she was a happy girl to be in the group.

Trying to get him to jump in the water. He looks like he might actually do it….

…but at the last minute it usually turns into this. lol. He did get a bit better at it this week, but apparently, it is going to take a while for a full fledge, free flying leap into the water.

In the background is Zora going from one part of the pool to another near the end of the lesson, and Zane in the foreground giving the adults an adrenaline rush as he reaches into the (deep) lap pool.

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8th October 2009

Gymnastics progress

This week Zane got his first award, a ribbon signifying that he had completed at least one move from each category in his gymnastics skillbook. I am very proud of him. It is a regular class, although he is older than the other kids (and the only boy this time…sometimes there are boys, but not this group). He really does a great job of paying attention and working hard at the skills. Such an incredible difference from a few years ago.

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6th October 2009

Swimming Lessons

On Tuesdays my mom comes to town, picks Zora up from preschool, takes her for lunch, then takes her to Speech, then they hang out for the afternoon until we meet up for swimming lessons at the Y. It has been fabulous for Zane and I. We get so much more school done on that day, and I am able to indulge myself and take a shower with no audience and/or somebody banging on the door because she has been denied entrance. Heavenly.

I keep forgetting to bring my camera, and the week I did finally remember to bring it, the day was overcast enough that I didn’t have great lighting for pictures. So, not the greatest photos in the world, and Zane’s group was behind the slides from our perspective so I couldn’t see him through most of the lesson, but we got a few shots. They both really enjoy it. They are both on the beginner’s level and doing it independently (no parents in the pool with them…well, unless I am in the lap pool doing laps, but I am not *with* them)

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24th September 2009


Both kids started Gymnastics. They are in the same class right now (Zane is technically a little too old, Zora is technically a little too young, but they worked with me to find a class with the best fit for abilities and teachers for Zane, and Zora was close enough to have her in the same class). They both seem to really enjoy it a lot.

backward bear crawl

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