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A Beaver Kite

24th January 2011

A Beaver Kite

Set her up with an easel, and this is what she does.  Don’t get the beaver kite, but it did make me smile.

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23rd January 2011


hee hee

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4th January 2011

Zora art

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22nd November 2010

“Zora, time to get dressed”

Some days I think I gave birth to Punky Brewster. (heading to the store for Thanksgiving Dinner shopping)

I edited this post to add some art she did later in the day.  She drew a picture of her and Zane being kings on our dry erase board.

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18th November 2010

Turkey Time Crafts

It’s the time of year when children start bringing home Turkey crafts.

Zora was quite proud of her Turkey sculpture and asked if I could please take a picture of it.

She also had a more recognizable turkey project

And here is our kitchen table. There is a Turkey pumpkin, the projects from today’s Reading Explorers (“H”…for her fancy “hootenanny hat”, and the book she made), and some drawings still there from yesterday of a person riding a horse and a princess.

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11th September 2010


First, one picture from Zane.  This cartoon is a reaction to his vocabulary work in Speech Therapy.  They learn a new science term and do a related experiment (among other things).

The word is “repel”

Now, the gallery:

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28th August 2010

Zora art

“Tap Dancing Panda”  By the way, she says the brown thing is the tummy, not what I initially thought it was.  :bago:

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2nd August 2010

City Scape on the Patio

Zane doesn’t draw like he used to, but every once in a while he will spend time working on something.  Lately, he has been doing cityscapes.  He draws a curvy “road” line and places buildings and structures all along it, with mazes scattered among the curves.

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21st July 2010

Drawing in the shade

Zora is continuing one of her favorite past times, but we have noticed that she stays in the shade as the sun has gotten so hot and bright outside.  It is cool to see her making some leaps in art again, including adding actual limbs and filling things in (although she still sort of loses the original lines after she has filled them in at this point)

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6th July 2010

Zora Art

“Toad” from Mario Bros. (oil pastels on construction paper)

Her (completely imaginary, just to be very, very clear) baby sisters. (on the dry erase board) One is “Kella”, and she is going to come on her birthday.

Sidewalk Chalk on Cement

a person with a striped shirt


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