31st March 2009

Stop that!

#78 Zora in toy stroller. I can’t even count the number of times I have told her not to do this (including a few minutes right after I sneakily snapped this photo), but I guess it is just too tempting to get in the little stroller. Thank goodness she isn’t very heavy.

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31st March 2009

Bunny Treats

#90 Zora saw the new bunny and insisted that it would love a carrot.

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31st March 2009

Million Mile Toy

#85 Old Faithful. We have had this since Zane was moving from crawling to walking. It has more milage on it than some cars out there.

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30th March 2009

Baby Bunny.

#89 Much to our surprise, a baby bunny rabbit emerged from our fence today (on one side the two privacy fences create a little sheltered area between them)

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29th March 2009

New AWESOME toy for ME ME ME.

#88 My new toy. I am SO loving it. It will also make packing for Germany a lot easier, and I won’t run out of books in 3 days. (and if I do, the Kindle lets me download from Amazon in under a minute)

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28th March 2009


#87 And, Spring has retreated. Everything is covered in Ice. A few inches of ice fell, followed by a few inches of snow. brrrrr.

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27th March 2009


#86 My Stash. Most of the top is the sock yarn I got from Germany, and the bottom is acrylic on the left, cotton through the middle, and wool on the right.

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25th March 2009

Playing with your food.

#84 Ketchup as finger paint. *sigh*

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23rd March 2009

When you don’t have paper

#82 Camera as Notepad. This book was recommended to me, and I didn’t have any paper, so I snapped a photo.

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22nd March 2009

Bubble Joy!

#81 Bubble Joy!

Zach succumbed to the begging of Zora for Bubbles. Both kids were out enjoying the fun, but only Zora was dressed appropriate for internet viewing.

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