Taking the Scenic Route

Leavin’ On a Jet Plane

28th February 2009

Leavin’ On a Jet Plane

#59 This is where I will be sitting on the way to Germany at the end of April. Yay! (unless a set of the purple “preferred” window-aisle seats open up and we can nab those)

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27th February 2009

Cuties Oranges

#57 I think he likes them.

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26th February 2009

Cinderella Polly Pocket?

#58 I thought this was Cinderella, but Zora corrected me. Everybody…meet Princess Peach.

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25th February 2009

Wanna Drink?

#56 the thrilling view of my cabinet

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24th February 2009

Quiet one

#55 Shared Discovery

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23rd February 2009

Mandarin Orange Cuties

#54 Today I got fresh Mandarin Oranges for the first time ever. Yummy!

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23rd February 2009

Waiting for Daddy to come home

In her favorite “Sparkle Shoes” she got from Santa.

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22nd February 2009


#53 Climbing

After picking up a few books from the library, we head to the playground. This is my attempt to get a picture of them together. Not so successful. lol.

And on to the playground

Singing in the “telephone” tubes

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21st February 2009

The Workers

#52 The Workers.  Zach helping Robert program.

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21st February 2009

Playdate with E

While the older brothers play video games inside, the girls play in the backyard.

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