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Happy New Year?

31st December 2010

Happy New Year?

The last day of the year was one of those days were the kids were picking at eachother all day.  So, in the evening, when they went downstairs to play before bed, I was happy to note that they seemed to be getting along better than they had all day.  Then Zora came upstairs to get a drink of water, and she was covered from head to toe in little white balls.  We followed the trail back to the downstairs bedroom and found Zane on the floor, making “snow angels” on the floor in the bajillion balls of a broken oversized bean bag chair.  It was obvious, from the indentions, that Zora had been doing the same thing.  It was well over 6 inches deep in places, and static electricity meant they were E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E

So, we brought the new year in with a vacuum cleaner.

Some day we will laugh.  Some day.

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31st December 2010

Dude, really?

New Years Eve Math Lesson:

1 extra large, therapy beanbag chair with pinhead-size styrofoam balls, gaping hole

+ 2 sensory seeking kids.

+ 1 hour of mom thinking “thank goodness they are playing nicely together for the first time today.”

= Zach & I will be bringing in the new year with a vacuum cleaner.

Photos taken for later blackmail fodder.

Some day, this will be funny.  Not today, or this week, but someday.  I hope.

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31st December 2010

And the year ends

dropped glass broken, bleeding son who won’t keep the band-aid on, overflowing toilet from the girlchild’s overuse of toilet paper, spilled food, whining about everything, laundry & dishes mountains. I hope next year is better than this one.


later…It is better now that Zach is home from work. Everybody is happier. Honestly, I am thankful to only have “normal” kind of “bad day” problems, because there are much worse kinds of days to have.

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29th December 2010

Why I want to leave this neighborhood

The kids have been told repeatedly by the neighbor who lives here to not climb the tree.  It is diseased and not safe.  These kids are not only climbing it, but trying to get Zora to climb it.  I told her no.  When I ducked inside to refill my coffee, when I came back out, they were trying to get her into the tree, not FIVE MINUTES after I made it clear that she was not to climb the tree.  (she was outside playing soccer with a different neighbor kid until these kids came over).

I am officially the “MEAN MOM”.

It wasn’t long after this that the tree cracked in half.

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28th December 2010

Thank you

The whirl of holidays and birthdays are complete, the only thing left to do is catch up on the blog and clean up the messes. Thanks to friends and relatives, this was a wonderful holiday season for us. I was so distressed going into it with no money, but people came through for us in a big way, and my kids are happily playing with their new toys.

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27th December 2010

Zane turns NINE! (how did that happen?)

Zane had to wait for Oma and Opa to unwrap the gifts.  It was worth the wait.

And Uncle Steve & Nora, who gave Zora her heart’s desire (bike) for her birthday, came through with Zane’s heart’s desire for his birthday.

Then Oma & Opa’s gift:  A trip to Chucky Cheese.  Much cheering ensued.

You know the sweet part?  Zane didn’t really want anything, so he happily gave Zora  his tickets to get what she wanted.

Than back to the house to meet up with Robert’s family, who came to join us for cake.

Zane decided that he didn’t want a Mario themed cake, and for a while he wanted a pirate ship cake.  Then, being a sucker for TV advertising, he begged for this for his birthday cake:

He wanted it with chocolate chip cookie layers instead of the pictured cake, notable for a very literal kid.  We chose chocolate frosting to go in between the layers.  It doesn’t look fabulous, but it was SO GOOD.  There was not a bite left, and that never happens.  We remade it a few days later just to have leftovers. lol.

Those are trick candles, they keep reigniting, amusing Zane.

By the end of the evening, he was “Peopled out” and went back to the corner, found his new book, and got lost in that.

Perfect day.  The days events would have been turning him into a crazy person a short time ago, but he not only handled it, but enjoyed it.  So proud of my boy.

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25th December 2010

Merry Christmas!

Santa came!

Club Penguin membership that he has been asking for since summer

And the “WOW” gift, my parents got each of the kids a DSi, Zora’s was the regular size one, blinged out by my mom, Zane’s was the XL one, which means that motor issues are lessened with games that require writing/manipulating with the pen/stick.  Zane’s old DS died and we had been unable to replace it, and it was Zane’s constant companion.  The kids were THRILLED!

Zora and Oma had a tea party

A huge thank you to friends and family this season.  After nearly a year of unemployment, and the kids having to go without, we were very worried about how we were going to be able to afford Christmas.  We were blessed with friends and family that really went the extra mile, sending presents, sending giftcards, and especially my parents, who spent more than usual getting the DSi for each kid.  We were very blessed.  It was a happy season because of others who cared about our family.  We were humbled by the generosity.

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24th December 2010

Twas the night before Christmas…

I tried to convince the kids that Santa would like Birthday Cake just as much as cookies, but it was a no-go

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23rd December 2010

Butt Cream Cake

Mommy! My cake smells like BUTT CREAM!
Zora, it’s pronounced “Buttercream”

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23rd December 2010

Zora turns FIVE!

First Oma came by and we opened gifts.  A car from Oma & Opa, a weaving loom from Zane, and a bunch of cookie cutters from us.

Then the cake.  After an ever changing cake request, Zora finally settled on a “rainbow cake”.

The layers are a combination of strawberry and vanilla, topped with homemade buttercream frosting and marshmallow fondant.  I discovered while making it that kool-aid does not work as a coloring agent.  Makes a flat cake that tastes like a sweet tart.  lol.

Then we went to McDonalds to have a happy meal, per Zora’s request, and met up with some friends.  After supper they came by the house and helped us eat cake.  Eilysh got her an Eeyore stuffed animal that was an instant favorite.

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