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You know it’s winter when…

10th February 2011

You know it’s winter when…

You know you have aclimated to winter when it is -9 F and you leave your coat in the car because you are too hot.

(Coat is still necessary, in case the quick jaunt between doors gets extended, but  it is too much of a PITA to keep putting it on)

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8th February 2011


The rest of the day is canceled. We already have foot deep drifts at our door. The main roads aren’t too terrible, but our street seems to drift like crazy cakes. Zach was already home with a fever, so at least I don’t have to worry about him trying to get home in this stuff.

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4th February 2011

Poopy Snow

In our snow filled back yard there is one set of rabbit tracks. He hopped to the middle of the yard, peed, hopped a few more steps, pooped, then left the yard.

Wow, my life is exciting, isn’t it.

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3rd February 2011

All of us stir crazy now.

Feeling stir crazy and anxious. Tired of being stuck inside, but playing in the snow sounds even worse. I hope the roads clear enough for Zach to take his work car tomorrow so I can have the Mountaineer back and DO SOMETHING.

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1st February 2011

Zora, stir crazy.

Zora has requested that Opa come up here to move the snow so we can go to the store. LMAO. (he runs the grader/snowplow for their township, an hour away)

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13th January 2011

Snow Play

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10th January 2011

Snow Day

First snow of the year.  Zora told us “The cars need to be shaved” before driving.

Mom’s post on Facebook today: I’ll bet Zora had ‘cabin fever’ within 15 minutes of being up for the day. She always tells me ‘I HAVE to go out every day…I just HAVE to!!!’ You have my sympathy!

As usual, mom was right.

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20th March 2010

Last whimper of winter

March 20th gave us what is likely the last bit of snow this year, not even sticky enough for snowmen.  Zora still had fun.

Throwing snow at Daddy

Attempted Snow Angel

I am really going to miss winter this year.  It was such a fun winter and it stayed cold the whole time so there wasn’t the constant “trying to adjust” going on all the time and it didn’t feel nearly as cold, even though the temps were actually lower than they have been in years.

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8th February 2010

Silent, still, magical

It snowed, which isn’t really all that unusual.  What was unusual is that the snow came without wind, and in the middle of the night it was almost startling to step outside and hear such an immense silence, especially considering we live a stone’s throw from a major road.  It was also undisturbed by cars going by, so it was a pristine blanket over everything.  I am glad we took a moment to enjoy it as we headed for bed.

The pictures don’t really do it justice, but it was so light outside from the moon and glow of the street lights that we had to try.

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30th January 2010

Snow fun

It was a great day for the kids. The afternoon was filled with activities at ROCKO, and both kids were happy and tired when we picked them up. Our time off was spent whittling down the remaining balance on our flex spending account (ends in 2 days) in the Walmart pharmacy area, then going home and making eggs and watching part of a movie. (“Lymelife”…good acting, but not as compelling as the idea of an hour of sleep, so we turned it off and took a nap). We picked up the kids and asked who wanted to play in the snow before the sun went down. We were surprised that Zane wasn’t interested, but Zora was all for it.

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