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Overheard at our house

29th November 2010

Overheard at our house

[Zane] “Sorry, guy”
[Zora] “I’m not a guy; I’m your sister!”
[Zane] “Sorry, gal”
[Zora] “I’m your SISTER!”
[Zane] “OK. Sorry, Zora.”
[Zora] “Better.”
[Zane] (a little later) “Stop it, Zora”
[Zora] “You’re supposed to say, ‘please stop doing that’”
[Zane] “Stop doing that, Zora…please.”
[Zora] “OK”

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26th November 2010

Christmas Tree Time

In the new “Christmas Pajamas” from Grandma.  Zane surprised us by being totally excited by the slippers.

For the first time the kids didn’t need grown-up help to put the tree together.

Zora put the angel on the top of the tree, but the tree top bent funny and the angel took a nose dive. Luckily, Zane caught her before she hit the ground. Twice.

Dad had to fix the tree so the angel would stay there.

Done! Let the season commence.

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22nd November 2010

“Zora, time to get dressed”

Some days I think I gave birth to Punky Brewster. (heading to the store for Thanksgiving Dinner shopping)

I edited this post to add some art she did later in the day.  She drew a picture of her and Zane being kings on our dry erase board.

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18th November 2010

Turkey Time Crafts

It’s the time of year when children start bringing home Turkey crafts.

Zora was quite proud of her Turkey sculpture and asked if I could please take a picture of it.

She also had a more recognizable turkey project

And here is our kitchen table. There is a Turkey pumpkin, the projects from today’s Reading Explorers (“H”…for her fancy “hootenanny hat”, and the book she made), and some drawings still there from yesterday of a person riding a horse and a princess.

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17th November 2010

Stubborn Yard

Our yard seems reluctant to change with the seasons.

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15th November 2010

Be careful little mouths what you say.

Zora is at that stage in learning to read where she writes out a “word” and wants us to read it to her.  Usually, no big deal, but when presented with this word, I hesitated before I “pronounced” it, because the first pronunciation that flit through my brain was not something I want her to repeat.  Like, ever.

“phpp hoor aasso”  :bago:

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13th November 2010

Parenthood cheer

Finally watched this week’s Parenthood (If  This Boat Is A Rockin’). Was ticked that there was a stupid KU game overriding the beginning, and during the program I realized we definitely missed something and went online to find the show. VERY worth the effort. The supermarket scene was awesome…totally see Zane doing something like that, and cheered at the dad’s response. I would have likely just stood there dumbfounded and wished I would have done it.

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12th November 2010

Just a little snow during our evening.

After a week of the kids being sick and grumpy, missing everything on our schedule from Sunday to some of the Thursday events, by Friday everybody was totally stir crazy and the kids were poking at each other. It had progressed to “witching hour” insanity by 3 in the afternoon and it was looking to get even worse. I knew there was a respite event tonight, but we hadn’t signed up for it. I called them to see if there was any chance of dropping the kids off, and they had space. THANK GOODNESS! Zane was so ready to go he started getting dressed when he overheard me asking, and both kids were totally dressed, on their own, within 10 minutes. Then I made them go outside to kill some time before we went. I don’t know that I have ever seen Zane so ready to get out of the house before. :laughn1:

Zach and I first went to Walmart to get some much needed windshield wipers, and decided we really needed to do something “nice”, needed a break so badly. We ended up going to Il Vicini’s, sitting in the window seat, sipping coffee. As we sat there it started snowing, which added a feeling of otherworldness to the evening. It was so nice and peaceful. Eventually they stopped bringing us coffee refills, so we went home and snuggled on the couch and talked. By the time we picked up the kids we were feeling better and the kids were happy and worn out. Zora went to sleep about half an hour after we got home, and Zane another hour later.

Respite care is such a God-send.

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11th November 2010


A haircut request.  I like.

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7th November 2010

Sick kids.

Two sick kids today. The one with the 103 fever is acting like she doesn’t feel so bad, the one with no discernible fever is coughing and grumpy. Doesn’t appear to be anything serious, just “normal” sick.

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