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Thanksgiving 2009, at my parent’s farm

26th November 2009

Thanksgiving 2009, at my parent’s farm

One of these things is not like the others….. (I found myself short one pie dish and had to get creative.)

Zane’s favorite part of the meal…CHERRY PIE!

Ms. Cutie Pie

When everybody finished dinner it was time to go outside and play with the remote control car Zane got on his 3rd birthday.  (we keep it at the farm because it is far too big for our apartment when we got it, and still too big for our place now)

Zane was making a game of trying to get it to go in between his legs and playing chicken with it.

It was a wonderful family Thanksgiving. Great food, Great conversation, Great fun.

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25th November 2009

Zora helping make Thanksgiving Pies.

She is helping me make Cherry Pie while Zach is making the Pumpkin Pie.  We also made Pecan Pie.  Yum!

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24th November 2009

Some Fall crafts from both kids

Zane                                                                     Zora

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23rd November 2009

Zane, from OT

They took turns writing “opposites”

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22nd November 2009

Zora and her Arts and Crafts

“Jack-O-Lantern” and “Rainbow Monkey”

“Turkey” & “Mommy Spider”


“Rainbow Pear” (sidewalk chalk)

The current Gallery

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22nd November 2009


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19th November 2009

Baby Bell Cheese.

First, I have to say I really love these little cheeses. They taste a lot like I remember Pioneer Cheese Factory (Moundridge, KS) store smelling whenever we used to go there for a treat after doctor’s appointments. I have wonderful memories of cases of various cheese, and my most favorite cheese of all, fresh cheese curds. YUM!

Anyway, back to the subject, they are good little cheese treats. My mom bought some and gave me a big handful of those adorable little cheese wheels. I was delighted that my kids, especially Zora, seemed to really love them. Then I came to realize why Zora was going through them at a quick pace. She needed the art supplies.

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19th November 2009

Ditching the K12 Curriculm

I finally came to the realization that K12 was really not working for us. I can see how it would be a lot better for Zora, but it takes so much work for a language delayed kid to really “get” the lessons, that it ended up being far more work than the individualized targeted stuff I was doing with him before. Plus, there was just plain too much busy work for Zane’s learning style. Considering he tests at and above grade level, I was obviously doing something right before, so I am going back to that.

I found as the semester wore on, homeschooling became a huge chore. It just sucked all the joy out of it, plus I was dropping all sorts of fun things in an attempt to mark the little boxes “done” on their program. Taking all the interesting and fun stuff out and having him start crying (and me feeling like crying) every time I said it was time for school seems very counter productive. The final straw was when my kids who loves to read was refusing to read and saying he didn’t like it. Reading is supposed to be fun, and I will do everything I can to cultivate a love of reading, and this, obviously, was not it.

Today I called up a friend who does Lego Mindstorm stuff with her older kids in KC and browsed the web for local groups. I even got brave and emailed somebody and will post later on the homeschooling list to see what is already going on locally (first I have to find my password again. lol). I am also going to start going to more homeschool meet-ups again (instead of “no, we need to get school done first”, which was another big mark against using the curriculum for us).

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13th November 2009

A few of my favorite things, part 1

#72 A few of my favorite things, part 1: The Mennonite Cookbook. I am the forth generation to have it, and it has writing in many of the blank spaces from my paternal great grandma, my paternal grandma, and there are recipes written on paper put into the book from my mom. It is well worn and I love it. Some of the comments are even in German, my the native language for the first two generations to have it.

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10th November 2009

Zach’s nightmare

Zach has been sick. This afternoon I woke him after a nap and he thanked me for waking him up because he was having a nightmare. He told me that he was dreaming that he was stuck at a football game, up in the nosebleed seats, just discovered he would be stuck there for another 5 hours of so, and his Droid phone (which we don’t actually own but want really bad) wasn’t working so he couldn’t surf the internet or play any games to pass the time.

I seriously married the right guy when his nightmare involves being stuck watching football. lmao!

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