17th April 2010


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I don’t generally have my camera with me at the grocery store, but since I was already carrying it (didn’t want to leave it in the car), I decided to embarrass myself by taking pictures.  :laughn1:

One of the neat things about this store is that there is often a little shopping cart available.  Zora loves to use it, and it makes me happy to see her enjoying it because it brings back memories to me of pushing a similar cart around Buhler Market when I was her age.  (and those are books in the cart.  This Dillons has a public library branch attached to it.  I needed to return one book, and as per usual, we came back out with more than we took in there.  We are book hounds around here).  The balloons were a bonus this trip…the florist offered one to each kid, and they were really excited about it.

Even though she knows she won’t get it, she still has to ask.

and ask…

I don’t want to mislead you…although I am making an effort to change us to a more healthy diet as a family, there was a bottle of juice and some macaroni and cheese in the cart under all that broccoli, spinach and cauliflower.  lol  (but there were no bakery items other than the bread, simply because the smell of them drives me crazy)

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