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Post Swimming Lessons

27th April 2010

Post Swimming Lessons

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Both kids are doing a great job at swimming lessons.  Tonight we had a comment from Zane’s latest teacher (for the last month or so) when they handed out the report card things.  Zane is very, very close to passing the first level and moving on.  (he just needs to remember to continue to kick his legs while he is swimming).  The teacher commented that Zane is a “very hard worker” and that if he has somebody that pushes him, he should be able to make it to the next level this next time.  (classes are month long).  I hope we get this guy again because he does a good job of pushing him.  I was really happy with the first lady we had because she did a good job of teaching him when he was at the biggest safety risk, but I think this guy does an excellent job of pushing just the right amount, something I have a lot of respect for.  One particularly cool thing was that when they did the “diving for the ring” (retrieve a ring at the bottom of the pool), the other kids were hesitant and the teacher told Zane to go first.  He did.  The girls cheered as he retrieved the ring from the bottom too.  It was neat, and it was an especially exciting moment for us watching him because he did it on verbal instructions, without watching another kid do it first, a rather big deal for him.  We are so proud of him.

Zora is close too…she just needs to get more comfortable with floating on her back.  She is doing really well though and is nearly fearless.  She attempted to swim in deeper water today, from me to Zach, but she couldn’t quite do it, but was very close to being able to do it.  I was proud of her for trying it.  It is fun to watch her jump in the water in utter abandon and joy.

These were taken when we got back home. (hence the dampish hair)

And Zora.  You can see the “bangs” she cut into her hair.  I think I am going to need to even them up tomorrow, but she is cute anyway.

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