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Cornstarch + water = ewww

19th April 2010

Cornstarch + water = ewww

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At Speech Therapy/Friendship group they did a sensory/science experiment with cornstarch and water.  Of all the kids that had done it that day, apparently Zane was about the only one who thought the resulting substance was cool, and, being the nerd I am, I mentioned that we should make some when we got home to see if we could do the Big Bang Theory speaker experiment, and they gave me all their goop to take home.  (I must be crazy to have been excited about it…if you can imagine me carefully driving home to avoid spilling it all over the car).

Well, the experiment didn’t work, probably because our subwoofer isn’t powerful enough, but we did manage to contain our mess enough not to ruin the speaker (truly an accomplishment for us).  The goop was then banished outdoors for further experimentation, and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it.

I did have a moment of panic the next day when I was putting Zane’s hair back for gymnastics and discovered what I thought was some horrible skin/scalp condition, called Zach over, and after some worry suddenly realizing it was dried cornstarch caked onto his head.  Duh.

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