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Monday January 30, 2006

30th January 2006

Monday January 30, 2006

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Quick Zora update

  • her eyebrows and eyelashes are growing in, but her hair is falling out in spots
  • her poop frequency went from 1-2 a day until last Wednesday, to a 4 day stretch, and now on day 2 of no poops.  She isn’t constipated and it is normal poop, but boy oh boy is it a lot when she does grace us with a poopy diaper.  lol.
  • if you put her on her stomach, she has the neck strength to lift her head and face the other direction, but still pretty bobble-head like. 
  • if she can get some leverage, she can flip herself over, although she seems pretty surprised by it.
  • she is smiling, but still mostly in her sleep or in that ‘twilight’ stage.
  • she goes from content to completely ticked off in an instant.  Oh, boy does she have a temper!
  • she is having problems with handling my let-down during that first nursing session in the morning.  I have learned to keep a diaper on her like a bib so that when she unlatches she doesn’t get soaked.  So weird for me…Zane never had a problem with that. 
  • she does not like being still.  Must always be touching somebody and in motion to some degree to be happy.  It is a good thing I am a natural wiggler because it would be stressful for somebody who actually sits still.  She will not sleep at all unless she is in somebody’s arms.  Even in bed I have to wiggle my leg or rock to have a chance of keeping her asleep.
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There are currently 2 responses to “Monday January 30, 2006”

  1. 1 On January 31st, 2006, veggiemamma2 said:

    I read your blog but usually do not comment. But I wanted to say Zora is so cute and I am glad nursing is going good. Congratulations

  2. 2 On February 2nd, 2006, bionicsquirrel said:

    I spent the first 6 months of Zep’s life propped up, with my arm under his little body, so I could gently bounce, bounce, bounce him to sleep…every single night.  Drove me crazy at the time, but I miss it so much now.  He was just like Zora, always needing to move.

    We have been sick for a long time here, that is why I haven’t called.  I think we will be better by the weekend and I will come over soon. :)

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