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Wednesday December 22, 2004

22nd December 2004

Wednesday December 22, 2004

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Current prayer list:

Heidi, my mom’s close friend’s daughter who was induced earlier this week due to some problems.  I am not sure what the problems are, but there was something wrong with the amniotic fluid  (my guess is not enough, but I don’t really know what other problems their could be).  The ultra sound showed some “white spots” that might indicate a problem with the kidneys.  Her mom drove to her yesterday and my mom hasn’t heard anything since.

Joy, my SIL, who is dealing with a very painful possible infection.  She will be in the hospital to run more tests.  She has heart problems and the pain might have to do with her scar tissue, or a complication from having her chest cracked open so many times.  Anyway, she is in pain and feels horrible. 

My mom, who has set aside everything to work in the store while Joy is so ill during the busiest week of the year.  She is flat out exhausted and worried about Joy.

My dear mentor, Arnie.  He was dx with Cancer.  From what I gather he is not being treated.  I am guessing that is due to his age and the fact that treatment would probably diminish the quality of his life, even if it did increase the quantitiy.  The drs have been rather baffled by his ‘numbers’  (something to do with white blood cells) are not acting like they expected.  He is either improving or simply not getting worse at the rate expected.  He attributes it to the power of prayer, and I think he is right.  He is a truly amazing guy.  I choose him to be my mentor when I began catechism (pre-baptism classes) as a teen and he has been like another grandparent to me.  He and his wife have spent the fall and winter shut in, only getting out to go to drs. appointments since one or both of them has been ill for months.  (colds and such). 

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