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Tuesday December 28, 2004

28th December 2004

Tuesday December 28, 2004

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Our Baby Turned 3!

How did that happen?  Time is going entirely too fast for me.  I can not believe it has been 3 years since I held a tiny newborn.  We had a fun birthday with him yesterday.  Again, we had a house full of people.  Grandma was still recovering from Christmas and Joy wasn’t feeling well, so those three didn’t make it this time, but Mom & Dad, Robert & Dori and their three made it.  For the first time all the boys played together with no fights.  They all seemed to have a great time playing with the trains.  We picked up 3 pizzas from Papa Murphys and I decorated a cake for him.  I did learn why you don’t decorate with Cream Cheese frosting, lol.  It was pouring out of the decorator and made it a little insane trying to decorate.

Alex, Cody & Zane enjoy their pizza

The food

The crowd

The cake

Zane ready to blow out the candle

Proud of himself

Mmmmmm, sugar

Zane was enchanted with Eilysh

Time for presents!  Notice the red present…Alex was really proud of himself because he wrapped it all by himself. (A “Finding Nemo” Video)

Veggie Tales!  He got a matching video and playset from Grandpa & Grandma Z.  We all enjoy Veggie Tales around here.

We got him some add-ons for his GeoTrax Train system.  (Yes, I know, he now has two train systems, but we were not anticipating to be able to afford the Thomas stuff)  We got him the two main elevation packs (the ramps and flats) and the clock tower.

He has been playing with his GeoTrax train for quite a while without batteries.  He was amazed and delighted with the idea that it could go around the track without him pushing it.  He giggled like crazy when it would get stuck and make this funny little shaking, or when it flew down the hills.

As the boys were getting ready to leave, Zach took the Hummer out to show Dad & Robert and the boys how fast the thing was.  Zane was not impressed.  He does not like it when th thing moves and went after it and pulled it back into the house and to his room.  He was fairly overwhelmed at the time and his little body is not use to sugars or dyes, so I am sure that was not helping his mood.  He crashed into a deep sleep after the boys left.  He was so asleep that even a kiss and hug from Grandma didn’t cause even a stir. (Now that is asleep!)   He napped for about an hour and a half and then woke up to play with trains and some of the cars from Christmas Day. 

Mom & Dad got us a plaster handprint molding kit, so I am going to try and do that this week.  Maybe New Years day, that would be sort of cool.

Three years old.  WOW!

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  1. 1 On December 28th, 2004, home.aspx?user=gentlemom said:

    Happy Birthday, sweet Zane!

    I see another 3 yr old is as into Thomas as my little guy! LOL

  2. 2 On December 28th, 2004, home.aspx?user=feebeeglee said:

    I was coming over to wish him a happy birthday, I remembered it was right around the end of the year.

    Happy Birthday big fella! Many many more!

  3. 3 On December 29th, 2004, home.aspx?user=Jfers_mom said:

    It IS amazing that our boy is 3. The party was wonderful. It felt like a train station with all the tracks and whistles and bells. What a delight for Zane.

    When I walked into your door, he imediately took me back to his room to show me the train set table. He was so proud. Christmas evening I showed him how to push the button on the tunnel to make the doors open, and he imediately showed me that he knew how to do that now. Such sweet smiles.

    The food was delicious and the fun was abundant. The boys played very nicely, and everyone had a good time.

    Thanks for sharing this special day with us, Sunshine!

    Love you!!


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