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March Madness in our house.

21st March 2010

March Madness in our house.

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We are not sports fans.  Although we understand that people around us love sports, we can’t really understand why you would want to waste several hours watching people run back and forth.  Highlight reel…sure, that is interesting, but the entire game?  Why?

Since both major state universities made it into the “Sweet Sixteen” this year, we have heard a LOT of sports talk.  I even kept my facebook page open so I could see how it was going by the comments while we went on with our lives.  As you can imagine, there was lots of drama when KU “broke their bracket”, and we had another week of listening to sports commentary until K-State did the same.  I was disappointed, because even if I don’t care about it at all, I felt bad for people around me, and am particularly sympathetic to K-State fans since my brother got his engineering degree there.  (and Zane’s first ST got her degree from KU, so I was sad for her too).

Later in the week, as the health care debate was heating up, we invited a friend over, turned to C-SPAN and watched the debates and votes.  Cheering, clapping, booing and talking back to the TV as we intently watched.  A few hours into it I realized that maybe C-SPAN was the nerdy version of ESPN, even including the nail-biting vote counts at the end of the session.

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