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Wednesday May 18, 2005

18th May 2005

Wednesday May 18, 2005

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Baby people and baby birds

We got a surprise knock on our door this afternoon.  Our neighbor, scheduled for a c-section next week, went into labor and was headed out to the hospital soon.  I went over to see what I could do to help.  I helped put a few small bags in the pick-up truck and then noticed that as she was trying to pack stuff up, she was having to step over and move all the barricades keeping their 12mo in the living room, so I offered to take him outside while they were trying to pack. 

Zane brought the bubbles outside and Zach blew bubbles endlessly for Zane and Justin while they finished packing up.  They were really stressed out and Justin was, of course, reacting to it.  I know that trying to pack while in labor and your child crying would have sent me over the edge!  He was only mildly distracted by the bubbles and singing, but I hoped that I helped.

After they left (and Zane stood outside waving and saying bye-bye) we were headed back inside, but noticed a baby bird.  It was pretty young and I suspect it fell out of it’s nest.  It had it’s wing feathers, but there was still a bit of downy fluff sticking out here and there.  It ran rather than flew.  Zane was very interested in it, but did a good job of just looking and not touching.

I love that Zane got to see a live bird up close like that, although I fear it is not long on this world with unless it figures out how to fly very quickly.



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  1. 1 On May 18th, 2005, home.aspx?user=Houchen2B said:

    Hey! I got your comment. i tried writing back to you on the mother forum, but it said your box was full. I was going to tell you that your aunt? was my music teacher in grade school, how weird is that?!

    My due date is around Jan. 1st, but since I’ll probably have a c-section, it’ll probably be in Dec. I’m not sure where I’ll deliver, it depends on if I get a teaching job in Mac, then we’ll be there, otherwise i’ll have to stay in Tulsa. I would REALLY like to go home.

    I did see the people in the red and purple, I remember commenting on their color choices! LOL

  2. 2 On May 19th, 2005, home.aspx?user=feebeeglee said:

    Cute pix! Tagged you on my blog.

  3. 3 On May 22nd, 2005, home.aspx?user=onlyzombiecat said:

    Great pics!

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