28th March 2005

Easter 2005

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Well, Easter didn’t turn out quite like I planned it.  Actually, the whole week didn’t turn out quite how we planned. lol.  Spring Break week was dreary and rainy the whole week and too cold to do any of the outdoor activities we had planned to do.  We did get to do one thing this week that was great though.  Mom came up and watched Zane so Zach and I could go out to eat and see a movie.  WooHoo!  We haven’t had a date night in a long time, so it was really nice.  We split a steak at Outback, then went to one of the newer Warren Theaters to see Robots.  There were a few Star Wars references, which was particularly funny since Ewan McGreggor was the main character (well, the voice of the main character) and we kept hearing ObiWan anyway.  lol.  Robin Williams voiced one of the other main characters…it was a riot.  Oh, and we saw the preview to the Star Wars movie…it gave me chills.  I can not wait for the movie!  That preview was worth the price of admission it was so good.  It was really fun.  Zane had fun with mom…they played with playdoh, watched a Cedarmont Kid’s video, gave Zane a bubble bath…just had a nice evening with no tears. 

On Easter, we were planning on taking Zane out to my folk’s church, then to Easter dinner at the farm, followed by a day playing out there.  No such luck.  I woke up with my ear and jaw throbbing.  I downed a lot of Ibuprofen to try and cut the pain, but decided it was best not to go out to the farm since Joy’s immune system is vulnerable and I might have an ear infection. So, we stayed at home.

We finally got Zane out of bed (he did not want to wake up…lol…takes after us) and told him that the Easter Bunny had been here.  We got him a bucket and showed him the first egg or two, and then let him find the rest of the eggs.  He was really enjoying it and better at finding them than I would have guessed.  After he got them (plastic eggs, btw) and shook them (so it made a rattling noise) and told him he should open them because it sounded like there was something in there.  When he opened them and discovered Whoppers, a candy he really likes) he was stuffing them into his mouth as fast as he could, probably convinced that we were going to take them away.  We showed him the other things the Easter bunny left…a chocolate bunny and a row of peeps, and an egg carton with chocolate covered marshmallow eggs.   He jammed an egg in his mouth and ran away from us, but after some talking, he finally realized that we weren’t going to take away the candy and that it was meant for him.  The look on his face was priceless.  Then he took the bunny, started singing the bunny song from VeggieTales, and promptly ate the ears.  lol.  From that point on, he was more relaxed about the chocolate…carefully opening the eggs so the whoppers wouldn’t spill out all over the place and lining the balls up on the table instead of just stuffing them in his mouth. 

There was a point he stopped eating the chocolate and asked for regular food…I didn’t know kids could do that. lol.  The sugar rush was fairly insane, and at one point in the day he sat on my lap sort of groaning from a tummy ache…poor guy.  It was a pretty fun day for him, despite the change in plans.  I know he would have loved it out at the farm, but it just wasn’t a good day for that.  Maybe we can go out sometime this week…the weather is supposed to be a lot better.  Dad & Steve fixed the Olds, so we need to pick it up anyway.

eta:  I forgot to mention one funny thing.  When dh and I were at Outback Steakhouse, when the guy brought our food, he declared “Well Ladies, here is your food”.  Zach and I laughed and commented that at least Zane comes by it naturally.   Zach’s hair isn’t even long, and if people think he looks like a woman, he certainly doesn’t look like a pretty woman…he wouldn’t even look good in drag.  LOL.  People just don’t pay much attention I guess.

Carefully opening an egg  (notice earless bunny in foreground)


Chocolate fun…all over his face.  At one point he had chocolate on his arms and legs too. 


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  1. 1 On March 28th, 2005, home.aspx?user=feebeeglee said:

    Soooo cute! The haircut makes him look older, I think. He is adorable.

    We had rounds of The Bunny Song here too, and also requests for nonchocolateand corn syrup based foods.

    Happy Easter!

  2. 2 On March 29th, 2005, home.aspx?user=songanddance said:

    I pray, that the largest problem you ever have with Zane, is him not liking that cute hair-cut he has. I’m glad up guys got to go out on a date. Auntie Von

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