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Wednesday March 30, 2005

30th March 2005

Wednesday March 30, 2005

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Visual-Spatial Learners

I found some great websites on VS learners.  This applies to all three of us, but especially Zach and Zane.


and this is one of the links from the above page, but I thought I would point it out because the cartoons gave dh and I a hearty laugh.


I really need to write the authors and tell her what a God-Send her information has been.  Truly.

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  1. 1 On March 30th, 2005, home.aspx?user=feebeeglee said:

    Hey, thanks for the comment to my BIL. He’s a piece of work, I tell ya.

    That thing really turned into a train wreck. I closed the comments after he called me a Nazi.


    Anyway, thanks :-)

  2. 2 On March 30th, 2005, home.aspx?user=Jennifer_Z said:

    I am sorry about that thread.  I just couldn’t believe how it turned.  I didn’t see the Nazi comment, but Zach did.  He turned to me and wondered if that was the BIL that you ‘introduced’ to him, but couldn’t beleive that a family member would write things like that to your blog.

    I am sorry that I commented after Sean clearly said that the disscussion should be halted and moved to his section, but I just had to say something.  I certainly edited my thoughts of what I was thinking though, as you can imagine.

  3. 3 On March 31st, 2005, home.aspx?user=bionicsquirrel said:

    I am so far from a VSL.  That is amazing, I didn’t even know there was a term for that type of person/learner.  I think it is still too soon to know what type of learner Zephyr is…right now he is just a cryer, no learning going on this week.

    Thank you again for the call on Tornadoe day, I will get back to you soon, but we are still all down with various illnesses and Zephyr is definitely not back to his normal self.  Could be a while.

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