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Monday November 8, 2004

8th November 2004

Monday November 8, 2004

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I guess I am feeling a little better…I feel an inkling of passion again.  Here are some things I found while perusing the internet.   Enjoy!


Mandate?  Well, more people, around 56 million people,  voted against Bush than any other president in history.  There is your mandate.

“Liberals feel unworthy of their possessions. Conservatives feel they deserve everything they’ve stolen.”  – Mort Sahl

Today’s Republicans love money, war, guns, and Jesus in that order.  They also love to legislate everyone’s sex life.

How in the world did they get reelected? Oh, right — Diebold.

“I’m worried about the state of education in America when 51% of the country fails a 1-question multiple-choice test after having 4 years to study.” – Anonymous

Here is the IQ vs Election Results comparison people are talking about. 

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  1. 1 On November 9th, 2004, home.aspx?user=LikeWowMom said:

    Wow. That IQ chart is REALLY INTERESTING.

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