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Wednesday June 23, 2004

23rd June 2004

Wednesday June 23, 2004

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Oh My! 

I am SO Happy about this! 

I think he is moving from non-verbal to verbal.  He has been singing songs and saying the alphabet, but not using words for actual communication.  He has been counting to 20 over and over (and over…lol) and it had been that, unless you knew what he was doing and counted along mentally in your head, you couldn’t really tell that is what he was doing.  (but you could hear it if you knew what you were listening for).  Today I realized you could understand pretty much the whole run.  Then, when he wanted me to open up a package of playdoh, he lifted it up to me and said “Peace” (Please, help me open this).  I thought it was a fluke, but he has done it several times since…same deal with saying  a toddler version of “your welcome” to a thank you.   And today I had my first verbal ‘arguement’ with him.  He wanted into a locked cabinet, I said “no, not now” he took my hand and put it back on the door handle (his normal way of telling me he wants something) and said “yes”.  I thought my ears were deceiving me…he has never said “yes”.  I said no again, he started crying harder and said “yes” while leading my hand back.  After a third time, I hugged him and said how glad I was that he was using words.  I couldn’t believe it.  (no, I didn’t let him in the door…lol)  When a friend came over tonight and asked him if he wanted a peice of his popcorn, he looked right at him and said “yes”.  again.    Wow.  No words beyond the alphabet letters and numbers until today and suddenly “please”, “your welcome”, and “yes”. 

WOW!  My son is VERBAL!

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  1. 1 On June 24th, 2004, home.aspx?user=babyjahlove said:

    How great!!!! I can’t wait for my little guy to start saying words. Congrats to him for reaching a new milestone! 

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