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Tuesday June 29, 2004

29th June 2004

Tuesday June 29, 2004

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Oh, I was so furious last night.  I went to the Y for a meeting and left Zane in the Kid Zone nursery.  About 45 minutes into the meeting, there was a break so I grabbed a diaper for him and ran down to check to see if he needed a change.  (nobody there is comfortable changing cloth and dh was going to pick him up when he got out of class, so I didn’t want to leave my bag down there since I knew dh would probably forget it).  When I got there, the lady immediatly yelled for Zane and then snottily said “Is there something wrong with that child?!?” This wasn’t asked in a kind, concerned manner…it was an exasperated, nasty accusation.  Then “is he deaf or something?”.  I am so shocked at her attitude and asked if there was a problem.  She said he didn’t listen, even if you got into his face it was like he didn’t hear you. (later, this statement really bothered me…I mean what the hell was she doing, screaming in his face ?!?)  I was told to take him.  I was so upset.  I called back to talk to a manager, but the person in charge of the Kid’s Zone was not there since it was later in the evening.

When Zach got home, I went back for my workout and ended up talking to some ladies at the desk who I had a repoire with.  They instantly guessed the name of the person, which I didn’t get, but through the process of elimination (did she have an accent, that kind of stuff) they confirmed who it was.  She has been written up before and people have complained about her, but only one parent had let the manager know, so she had only been written up once.  They begged me to talk to the manager.  (oh, I will DEFINATLY be doing that).  The gal at the desk told me, confidentially, she wouldn’t let her kids stay there when that gal was in there either and that I was welcome to call to find out who was in the nursery before I brought him in.  They also gave me the name of the best person there…a guy who is really good with the energetic kids. 

I had never had any problems with leaving him there, even though it hasn’t been very long.  The most I have ever had commented on is that he had to be redirected, but that it was so normal for a 2yo and when there is a roomfull of them, it can get a little crazy.  I am usually told what a sweet kid he is, but that they can’t beleive the energy he has.  lol. They are well staffed and Zane just loves it, so it was devestating for me to be told that and leave me wondering what the hell happened. 

When I talked to dh about the whole thing, he said that we were going to have to grow a thick skin because Zane is exactly like he was, and his mom had to go round and round with daycare people and schools who kept wanting to put him on drugs because of his energy level and stubbornness.  I have always known he fit the “sprited child” label really well, but I guess I found out today that it wasn’t in my head.  He is just so intense and persisitent, with very selective hearing.  I don’t want to do anything to take away from his passion for life, even if it isn’t easy to live with all the time.


We found out what the problem was and got a pretty good laugh.  They were atempting to clean the room and trying to get all the kids to the other side of the room.  They couldn’t get him to move.  I immediatly guessed what must have happened and asked if they had a vacuum cleaner within eyesight of Zane.  They did.  LOL!!  You can NOT get that child away from a vacuum cleaner…he does a happy little vacuum dance and squeals and jumps.  He loves to help push it and we have been working with him to quit playing with the cord (he loves to lift it up and go under it, repeatedly).  You would have to drag him, literally kicking and screaming, to get him away from a vacuum.  So, when I drop him off, I am supposed to mention the vacuum thing so that they can call me if they have to vacuum the room.  Now I just have to figure out if I feel comfortable leaving him there again.

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  1. 1 On June 30th, 2004, home.aspx?user=Jessemommy said:

    How awful! I hope Zane never has to see ‘that’ poor excuse for a childcare worker again. Spirited or not, that’s how my 2 yo’s were, especially my high strung firstborn.

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