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Thursday September 13, 2007

13th September 2007

Thursday September 13, 2007

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He ran up to the guy handing out maps and enthusiastically reached out for one.

x2007-09-11 021.jpg


In the FFA building, looking at a few animals.

x2007-09-11 027.jpg

x2007-09-11 032.jpg

x2007-09-11 040.jpg

x2007-09-11 048.jpg

x2007-09-11 051.jpg


When he saw the giant slide come into view, he ran to the front of the stroller, blocking it so we all had to stop because he wanted to go down the slide.  (the slide is a permament fixture on the fairgrounds and really tall).  He loved it.

x2007-09-11 058.jpg

x2007-09-11 061.jpg

x2007-09-11 063.jpg


Then the traditional “Pronto Pup” lunch.  Zora wasn’t sure initially, but enthusiastic once she got a taste.

x2007-09-11 065.jpg

x2007-09-11 069.jpg

x2007-09-11 083.jpg

x2007-09-11 085.jpg


My big helper (otherwise known as “you aren’t moving fast enough”)

x2007-09-11 090.jpg


We split up so Grandma could go with Zora and Zane could go ride some rides.  Last year we stopped at one ride because he was just not too sure about it, but this year he seemed slightly more enthusiastic.  We ended up having to buy a lot more tickets than we planned, but he was having more fun than I think he has had in…well, almost ever.  He was so animated and excited we almost couldn’t believe it.

First, the fun house.  (otherwise known as motor planning in the extreme).  The exit barrel is turning.

x2007-09-11 093.jpg


Here is where we really get going.  Zach said he talked nonstop all through the ride.

x2007-09-11 103.jpg

x2007-09-11 104.jpg


Then he wanted the flying ride.

x2007-09-11 120.jpg


And then about fainted with excitement seeing the roller coaster.  (He spends hours on Roller Coaster Tycoon video game, so this place was like his game had come to life and he was beyond excited)

x2007-09-11 126.jpg


Pulling on Dad’s hand, wanting to go back to the ride…

x2007-09-11 134.jpg

…until we pointed out this ride, the “older kids” roller coaster.

x2007-09-11 139.jpg

x2007-09-11 142.jpg

and then the log flume caught his eye.

x2007-09-11 147.jpg

x2007-09-11 153.jpg

And we decided to finish up the rides with the grown up coaster, with both Zach and I riding with him.  He adored it.  The seats spun every time we turned the corner.  I think Zane liked it more than me.  lol.

x2007-09-11 157.jpg


Meantime, Zora had fun in the play/learn center for kids.

x2007-09-11 175.jpg


I think mom wore her out.  lol

x2007-09-11 184.jpg


After we met back up again, we did the traditional train ride.  Zora’s first and only ride.  (this was something I did growing up, and I think my mom did too.  It weaves through the fairgrounds as a permament fixture)

x2007-09-11 182.jpg


Zane sat in the front, in the “coal car” and thought that was pretty neat.

x2007-09-11 194.jpg


One last ride, on the (fairly) new ski lift thing that runs across the fairgrounds.  Some alone time with Grandma before heading home.

x2007-09-11 214.jpg

x2007-09-11 217.jpg

x2007-09-11 218.jpg


On our way out, we said goodbye to the animals.

x2007-09-11 220.jpg

x2007-09-11 221.jpg

x2007-09-11 224.jpg

x2007-09-11 226.jpg


This is Zora a few seconds after being told no.  (after she tried to walk behind the cages)

My little pistol.

x2007-09-11 227.jpg


To say Zane had a good time would be the understatement of the century.  The only downside is that he is obsessed with going back.  When we got home, I needed to make a quick run to a store.  When I left, he was beside himself upset, convinced that I had gone back to the fair without him.  He put on a shirt, asked for a specific pair of pants (and then asked for them to be put in the dryer because they were damp), then found and put on socks, and asked for help to put on shoes.  He also got Zach’s shoes, slid them on his feet, and pulled at his arm saying “Time to GO!” over and over.  Zach asked where he wanted to go, he said “to the car”.  Zach asked where in the car, and he said “to the playground, to the parade”  (he couldn’t retrieve the word “fairgrounds”). 

Every time since the fair that anybody has left the house, he wants to go with us, convinced we might decide to go to the fair.  Every time it is apparent we are going home, he starts to cry, insisting we “go back, go back”, and when we say “where?”, he says fair/rides/parade/playground.  He is just heartbroken we aren’t taking him back there.  He carries around the map with him, telling us it’s “time to go!”.  He won’t take off his shoes until it is apparent we are definitely going to sleep just in case we decide to go.  I have never seen him so driven.  I wish we could go.  It is beyond fun to watch how much he enjoyed it.


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There are currently 6 responses to “Thursday September 13, 2007”

  1. 1 On September 14th, 2007, MommyofTomandElandJo said:

    These are wonderful pictures.  It looks like a great time…Thanks for sharing them.  Jenny

  2. 2 On September 14th, 2007, auntcathys5 said:

    What fun you had!  I’m so glad the children enjoyed it so much.  Zane will remember that day forever, I’m sure.  I’m impressed that he is so brave to go on all those rides.  Thanks for letting us see the wonderful pics.

  3. 3 On September 14th, 2007, ShackintheMountains said:

    Great pictures!  What a fun time.  I wish we had a fair like that near us.  Seems like Zane came right out of his shell.  He’s braver than I am. 

  4. 4 On September 14th, 2007, feebeeglee said:

    Is Joyland still open?

  5. 5 On September 15th, 2007, Jennifer_Z said:

    I don’t think Joyland is open.  I will have to look into it.  I know it was closed for a while and they were talking about reopening it.   I remember when the big wooden roller coaster had a major accident years and years ago that killed people, which has made me leary of it ever since.

  6. 6 On September 15th, 2007, bionicsquirrel said:

    Those are some great pictures, Zane has really blossomed.

    I am having a problem not being able to see all the pics, not just yours, but other blogs as well.  They aren’t broken, but just a red X in the corner. I figured you might know how to fix it.

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