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Friday September 28, 2007

28th September 2007

Friday September 28, 2007

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Really glad we didn’t call the kids over to look at it when we discovered what it was since they both tend to grab things.  Yikes!  It even pooped out a little sack of orange-red warning scent.  Very interesting.

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  1. 1 On September 28th, 2007, zac_zac said:

    I am glad I didn’t touch it. I am glad it didn’t touch me. I came within a few inches to grab that photo. Hey! It flies. Slowly, but it does. I don’t need a 3-month piercing bite. Goofiest looking bug I’ve seen in a long time. long long long time. That sucker (literally) was more than 2 inches long. As my friend told me, “glad it isn’t the size of a lion”.

  2. 2 On September 28th, 2007, gentlemom said:


  3. 3 On September 28th, 2007, Overproducktion said:


  4. 4 On September 30th, 2007, bionicsquirrel said:

    Uuggh!  I learned about the Assassin Bug the hard way.  Driving back from Omaha, middle of the night. I stopped for gas in one of the many little Kansas towns along the route and saw the bug near my car.  I drove away and suddenly felt this horrible pinch on my neck, opened the car door and swatted the bug off, not knowing what it was.  Then the fun started.  For the next 3 hours my neck burned and itched horribly and there was a terrible stench in car.  I was all alone and my neck felt like acid was burning the flesh off.  Dh had no sympathy for me when I got home and told me what the insect was.  And that is how I learned about the Assassin Bug.  Be very thankful that you didn’t touch it. 

  5. 5 On September 30th, 2007, MommyofTomandElandJo said:

    That is one ugly bug.

  6. 6 On October 1st, 2007, lornajarkin said:

    Land! I’ve never heard of such a thing and I live in Kansas…Not that I’m disappointed…I hope I never see it! Just checking in with you. Saw that you were one of my subscribers so I thought I would say “HI!”

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