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Monday February 26, 2007

26th February 2007

Monday February 26, 2007

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We stopped by the book store yesterday in search of a book about teeth.  We are still struggling to get Zane to let us brush his teeth like they need to be brushed.  We are thinking that a book about brushing teeth, combined with the efforts of the OT will help that along a bit. 

Now, we almost never go into a brick and mortar bookstore because Amazon is usually cheaper, we have the free shipping membership from Amazon, and frankly, it is a crapshoot as to how the bookstore is going to go and I am guaranteed to not get more than a few minutes to really look at the books even on good days with the kids in tow.  It actually went pretty well yesterday.

Now, I should explain my definition of “pretty well” means “no major screaming flailing for at least 10 minutes”  lol.  This time it was Zora that determined our time to leave.  She wasn’t screaming, but her vocalizing was starting to get into the ear shattering range. 

Zane was a bit on the stimmy side all day, but it was more that he was phasing out than anything else.  (as it turns out, he was getting sick, we just didn’t know it yet).  When we made our way to the children’s section he promptly laid on the floor on the little stage thing where they, presumably, read to kids who can actually sit still.  (we have not attempted to do this because we like our hair in our head as much as possible)  A girl, probably a bit older than Zane came up to him and started talking to him.  He replied in pure Zane-ese, which promptly freaked out the girl.  Not long after that, Zach came across a large copy of “Goodnight Moon” and showed it to Zane, who ‘woke up’ and ran over to the book with a huge smile.  He returned to the stage area, laid down, and started reading the book out loud.  The girl was not sure what to think of that.  lol. 

Meanwhile, Zach and I are trying to keep all the books within a 3 foot radius of Zora on the actual shelves.  The same girl kept coming up to Zora and asking if she could pick her up…could she please please please pick her up.  Uh, no, really, not a good idea.  You can talk to her, she would like that, but she wants to walk around right now.  Finally little girl’s mom showed up and little girl left.  Now that we could finally really look at books, Zora decided it was time to sing in that increasingly loud monotone that babies are so good at.  Time to go. 

Disadvantage of not being able to look at the books really closely…the book we got talked about how dogs don’t need to brush their teeth in the beginning of the book, and then shows a dog getting his teeth brushed later on.  Stupid authors. 

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  1. 1 On February 26th, 2007, Thia7278 said:

    Whenever we go visit my parents, we leave the two year old with them for a few hours and head on over to barnes and noble.  They have a huge used section  She’d last half an hour, maybe, and we’re just getting started! 

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