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Monday October 23, 2006

23rd October 2006

Monday October 23, 2006

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We spent the weekend in Olathe/Lenexa area.  We went there to visit with a dental specialist, but spent most of the weekend with my best friend and her family.

First, the dentist stuff, then I will move on to more interesting and happier stuff.  Much to our surprise, he can save all of his teeth if he wanted to.  However, to do that it would be a long process and about $40K.  Yeah.  Not seeing that happen.  That is significantly more than we make in a year and does not include the travel expenses to go there to get it done, just the procedures itself.  It was cool to know we *could* if we wanted to though.  We don’t have a quote yet on various approaches, but that is the top end.  Makes the $14K to fix the front 7-8 teeth seem practically cheap.  lol.  Next appointment in 3 weeks we will know more. 

Now, for the more fun post.

Dawn and her family are doing great.  He son is 3 months old now and a charming little guy, with bright eyes and a crooked little grin, just like her 3rd daughter’s grin.  The girls are 14, 10 and 8 now.  So, the youngest is now the age that her oldest was when we all lived in Hutch together and were dealing with the divorce.  Time sure flies.  It is just amazing to see what neat people they are becoming.  The oldest is a picture of teenage attitude, with a dark, quick wit and brilliant mind.    Her middle is still mama’s girl, affectionate and sweet and a budding music talent.  The youngest is exuberant and outgoing and a joy to be around. All of them were great with my kids and very attentive to them.  It was sweet.  The youngest was especially great with Zora, and one of the few people, child or adult, that Zora willingly let hold her for extended periods of time, even when she wasn’t in a great mood.  Now that I think about it, both of my kids responded really well to everybody in the family and all of her kids were very sweet and attentive to my kids.  I loved overhearing them talk to Zane…they picked up right away that he could do yes/no questions and I could hear the very patient ‘20 questions’ thing going on with them…rapid fire questions too…it was really endearing. 

The neighborhood is nice, a newer, but not brand new, area with lots of trees.  If you are from anyplace other than Johnson County (akin to Beverly Hills of Kansas), it would be considered solidly middle class.  Just the sort of home we hope to own someday.  I am so happy to see her in a nice home after the hell she went through to get there.

We did some shopping at two of the big outlet malls, the first day all of us, the second just Dawn and I and the babies.  It was a dream come true for us, truly.  We walked with our strollers and slings shopping, stopping in a little cafe to have some drinks while we nursed our babies together.  Side by side, just enjoying each other’s company and our little ones.  Simple, but such a big deal for us. 

Zane did really well this weekend too, even had some breakthroughs (although we missed one).  Dawn runs an in-home daycare.  Years ago, she also worked in a group home with autistic adults, so she is comfortable with autistic behaviors.  We left him with her while we went to the dentist.  She said that shortly after we left he went up to another boy and said “Hi”, initiating the contact.  (wasn’t even in response to a greeting, totally initiated by Zane).  Then the boy dropped his fruit snacks and Zane went and picked them up and handed them back to the boy.  The boy said thank you and Zane replied “you’re welcome”.  Apparently, the boy saying thank you was almost as big of a deal as Zane saying ”you’re welcome”.  lol

He also snuggled with both Dawn and Zyg at various points.  After Dawn and I got back from shopping on Sunday, we saw Zane go up to Zyg and give him a kiss (inspiring a room full of smiles and excitement from the rest of the adults), and then ask for an M&M verbally. (inspiring a room full of knowing chuckles at his motivation for the kiss…smart kid. lol) 

It was a great weekend and we felt really at home at their place. 

a few photos…from oldest to youngest…

x2006-10-21  028b

x2006-10-21  012

x2006-10-21  029b

x2006-10-22  007

All the kids (except the youngest, who was sleeping)

x2006-10-21  085b


x2006-10-21  147

Zora interested in the Dora the Explorer cards Zane has.

x2006-10-21  013b

putting his socks on by himself

x2006-10-21  050

He found some poker chips stacked up and made this…

x2006-10-21  060


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There are currently 3 responses to “Monday October 23, 2006”

  1. 1 On October 24th, 2006, ShackintheMountains said:

    Cool poker chip mosaic!  I’m glad you guys had a nice weekend.  That’s great about Zane interacting with that other child.  He’s doing so wonderfully right now!

  2. 2 On October 24th, 2006, tatiana622 said:

    Old friends are best, aren’t they? I’m still in touch with my best friend from Kindergarten–we’ve just always remained in each other’s lives, no matter where we were. Now we are both married and have two kids each (my two girls and she has two boys), and the four of them get along like they have always known each other. But the weird part is that we live 2,000 miles apart, and haven’t spent a ton of time together. I’m glad your weekend went well, and that you got some good friend time.

  3. 3 On October 26th, 2006, mischievium said:

    I am still so impressed by your son’s artistic talent. I actually spent this past weekend with my best friend, too. :o)

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