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Wednesday November 22, 2006

22nd November 2006

Wednesday November 22, 2006

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see Zora’s options…

this thing…

x2006-11-22 003.jpg

this crate of balls and various odds and ends…

x2006-11-22 006.jpg

lego table with stuff to knock down and take off…

x2006-11-22 010.jpg

a few of the books…

x2006-11-22 012.jpg

but what does she want to play with?


x2006-11-22 023.jpg

home of sharp pointy objects and buttons. 

double pointed needles, tapestry needles, needle & thread for quick fixes, fingernail clippers, tweezers, pens, pencils, scissors, remotes, themometer, lip balm, mouse, keyboard (off to right, under monitor), phone/answer machine, jump drives, tower

…all the stuff I am trying to keep out of reach.


To add insult to injury, the only way she can access them at all is if she is on the loveseat.  So, she comes up to me with those lovey-dovey eyes to get me to pull her onto my lap.  She lets me snuggle with her for a second, then dives towards the ‘no’ objects.  I feel so used.  lol.


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  1. 1 On November 23rd, 2006, ilovebakedgoods said:

    LOL! That’s really cute how she “uses” you to reach the no-no objects. And toy “experts” think babies need bright, noisy things to keep them entertained? Yeah, none of those things she’s after really qualify do they?

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