23rd November 2006


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Thanksgiving has been decidedly casual this year.  Originally, we planned to have the big family dinner at my SIL’s house in McPherson, like we did last year.  I guess SIL decided that the place was too small for both families, so at the last minute she decided to just have her parents and not my brother’s family.  Since mom is dealing with her mom in the hospital, she sounded a little overwhelmed on the phone when calling to let me know about the change of plans, and it is no big deal for us to host, that is what we did. 

So, last night, we run to the store for supplies.  I have never been to the store late the day before Thanksgiving.  It was a little insane.  We didn’t have time to thaw a turkey at that point, and only two extra people,  (plus, without warning, I didn’t have time to borrow mom’s big roasting pan) we decided to just get a turkey breast and two drumsticks.  We grabbed a bag of potatoes, some bread to make stuffing, some bacon for the beans, a can of sweet potatoes to dress up, and a pumpkin pie.

It was sort of weird to not plan it and have everything from absolute scratch (especially the pie…that was sort of hard to buy a pie for me) it felt really scaled down to me.  It was nice though.  I wanted them to have a nice, relaxing time since they were so highly stressed, and that is what happened.  We didn’t get hung up on making everything ‘just so’, just made it.  It was good. 

The notable ‘moments’

  • It didn’t start well this morning.  After I cubed the bread for the stuffing I put it out on three cookie sheets to toast it in the oven.  I got distracted and had a pan of charcoal.  yum.  We still had plenty though.
  • When we asked Zane this morning if he wanted to take a shower with Daddy, he said “no”.  When I asked if he wanted to take a shower so he could smell nice for Grandma and Grandpa, he jumped up and ran to the shower.  hee hee.
  • We discovered two rather mundane things we need to buy…a new salt shaker (now it is plugged up in addition to not having the plug on the bottom.  Only I would have a salt shaker that is duct taped on the bottom.  lol) and a turkey baster.  For about two seconds we debated whether to use one of the medicine syringes that we have for Zora, but decided that sucking the juice out 1/2 teaspoon at a time would probably not be the best use of resources.
  • Mom brought some flowers, which greatly pleased Zane.  While I was reaching in the cabinet for a mason jar to put them in, Zane grabbed the bunch and ran away with them.  I went after him and found him at the bathroom sink trying to give the flowers a drink. lol.  He helped direct where the stems should be cut and put them carefully in the vase.  He was quite proud of himself.
  • After setting the table, Zane grabbed his yogurt pretzels out of the pantry and carefully laid one at each place setting.  It was sweet because he really loves those and isn’t usually too willing to share them.
  • Zora was ready to go and reached an impossible length to grab her tray off the table.  We caught it in time, but were amazed at her reach.
  • We realized as we were ready to sit down we forgot to make the tea.  Bottled water all around.
  • Zane didn’t recite the prayer with us, but he did fold his hands, close his eyes, and bow his head.  It was very sweet.  He didn’t eat anything, but sat nicely at the table the whole meal. 
  • After the meal, both of the guys zonked out after dishes.  Grandma played with the kids, read to them, snuggled, and generally just had fun.  When I went to show her the clothes I had gotten the kids for our Christmas pictures, Zane enthusiastically got the sweater and pulled it on to show her, with no prompting from me.  It was cute to see him so carefully smoothing the sweater and arranging the shirt under it.  He also let me take it back off of him with no fuss.
  • After a while, Zora did give a display of her dramatic tendacies.  She is so very intense at times…going from absolute joy, to utter despair, back to giggling in a blink of an eye.
  • We never did eat that store-bought pumpkin pie.  We were too full.  I might have some for supper tonight if I do ever get hungry.

It was just a nice, quiet, fun time.  I think it was the first time that Zane didn’t get overwhelmed and didn’t escape to his room until after they left.  He is now having some ‘down time’ and relaxing.

We were able to share some of the updates of some possible job opportunities with them, and although I know they will be sad if we leave, they made it clear that they support us, even if it means moving.  Mom even managed to do it without crying.  (although if it does happen, I know she will be sad).  I just know that this is the time in our lives that we are the most free to move if we feel like it would be best.  Right now, my parents don’t really have the choice because my mom’s mom needs help and they are far too deep rooted in the community and it would be very difficult to leave that.  Also, Zane doesn’t have a network of friends, and his school is private and he would have to go to a different, public school after this year anyway.  (maybe the fall semester next year, but the spring one he would be too old).  At any rate, we are here through the end of May, when his teaching contract runs out and he graduates.  There are several exciting possibilities, but we won’t know what is realistic and what is not for a while yet. 

The meal

x2006-11-23 008.jpg

x2006-11-23 010.jpg


The playing

x2006-11-23 016.jpg


The guys…proving you don’t need football to fall asleep after a big turkey dinner.

x2006-11-23 018.jpg

x2006-11-23 019.jpg

(the lamb nestled in dad’s arms still has me giggling)

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There are currently 4 responses to “Thanksgiving”

  1. 1 On November 24th, 2006, tatiana622 said:

    I love this post–you are my hero, for just keeping it calm, lowkey, and totally authentic. So much what this holiday is about! I love that your son was so in tune with the meaning of Thanksgiving, too–sharing his yogurt pretzels, etc. Very sweet!

    I agree, too, with your taking the moving thing one step at a time. Yes, it would be sad to leave family, but sometimes you just need to follow things to their logical conclusion, and see what makes sense. Good luck!

  2. 2 On November 24th, 2006, Thia7278 said:

    What a wonderful day.  Together, thankful, uncrazy. 

  3. 3 On November 24th, 2006, trishshack said:

    I would totally put duct tape on the bottom at the salt shaker. If the top is getting gunked up from the salt try adding about a teaspoon of dry rice in the shaker. It will help absorb the moisture so that the salt won’t expand.

  4. 4 On November 24th, 2006, Jfers_mom said:

    I’m so thankful for a DD and DSIL who took on the Thanksgiving celebration at the last minute. The food was very tasty and bountiful and we enjoyed it very much.

    It was also good to re-connect with the grand kids. Zane has come so far. He gave me a big hug and several kisses w/o prompting. We snuggled a lot and it was good to be close to him again.

    Zora has the twinkle in her eye that is so familiar. When she wasn’t going ballistic, she was so enjoyable. She can move so quickly. She was making an obstacle course around the chair legs and ‘coming in for a landing’ in my lap…all the while with this twinkle in her eye that made me laugh.

    Jennifer, I did weep on the way home, once I got off of the 4 lane. It was a very quiet trip home, for the most part. Of course I will support you with whatever you need to do, we always have, but that doesn’t mean I won’t miss you terribly. I always do.  Separation isn’t my best thing. I’ll adjust to whatever I have to. You do whats best for your family. We will just use up the calling card faster.  You can’t pass up the opportunity to advance your family. You take care of you and yours. We will support you however we can.

    Thanks again for a wonderful day. You are my Sunshine!

    Love you!! Mom

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