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Swimming Lessons

6th October 2009

Swimming Lessons

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On Tuesdays my mom comes to town, picks Zora up from preschool, takes her for lunch, then takes her to Speech, then they hang out for the afternoon until we meet up for swimming lessons at the Y. It has been fabulous for Zane and I. We get so much more school done on that day, and I am able to indulge myself and take a shower with no audience and/or somebody banging on the door because she has been denied entrance. Heavenly.

I keep forgetting to bring my camera, and the week I did finally remember to bring it, the day was overcast enough that I didn’t have great lighting for pictures. So, not the greatest photos in the world, and Zane’s group was behind the slides from our perspective so I couldn’t see him through most of the lesson, but we got a few shots. They both really enjoy it. They are both on the beginner’s level and doing it independently (no parents in the pool with them…well, unless I am in the lap pool doing laps, but I am not *with* them)

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  • Zane is 22 years, 3 months, and 21 days old
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  • Zora is 18 years, 3 months, and 25 days old
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