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Swimming Lessons

20th October 2009

Swimming Lessons

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In a fabulous turn of events this week, Zane is the only one who showed up for his age group’s swimming lesson, so he, in effect, got a private lesson. It was really good for him and I like his teacher a lot. (I like both teachers, but it is a lot more challenging to get good teachers for Zane) Zora, on the other hand, loves being in her group of “bwends” (friends), so she was a happy girl to be in the group.

Trying to get him to jump in the water. He looks like he might actually do it….

…but at the last minute it usually turns into this. lol. He did get a bit better at it this week, but apparently, it is going to take a while for a full fledge, free flying leap into the water.

In the background is Zora going from one part of the pool to another near the end of the lesson, and Zane in the foreground giving the adults an adrenaline rush as he reaches into the (deep) lap pool.

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