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Eating out SUCCESS (for onion allergies + low carb/primal)

12th February 2011

Eating out SUCCESS (for onion allergies + low carb/primal)

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If you have weird dietary restrictions, eating out can be really challenging, especially if you don’t want to draw attention to yourself as the weirdo.  Here are some of the places I have found great success.  The Mongolian style grills are great because they can accommodate just about any dietary difference, from vegan to carnivore, from gluten free to any other niche allergy/sensitivity.  Hu Hot is the easiest to go to, even without information about their sauces, because they have more single/pretty plain ingredient sauces alongside the prepared ones.  For both of these places, they clean a place off on the grill and use different utensils for your dish.  They really “get” the concept of cross contamination.  I love them both for it.

Hu Hot is my pick for best chain Mongolian Grill that I have found.  They have an array of simple ingredient add-ins (sesame seed oil, ginger broth, garlic oil, etc) that mean you don’t have to think hard to make something you can eat, even if you avoid all of the prepared sauces.  They also responded promptly to my request for things safe to eat if you are allergic to onions.  And, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could still get most of their menu, a rarity with onion allergies.  Their sauces also seem better balanced “as is” than Ghengis, and they don’t assume you are going to eat mostly starch with a little bit of the regular ingredients.
carbs per ladle
00; Garlic Chili Sauce
00; Sesame Oil
00; Ginger Broth/Garlic Broth
01; Hot Chili Oil/Garlic Oil
01: Lemon Juice/Lime Juice
01; Soy Sauce
03; Five Village Fire Szechuan
03; Khan’s Favorite
03; Mean Bean Garlic
03; Yellow Belly Curry
04; Black Thai Peanut
04; Sweet Chili Sauce
05; Samurai Teriyaki
07; Burn-Your-Village BBQ
07; Feed the Hordes Hoisin
07; Mongol Mustard
09; Not-So-Sweet and Sour
12; Sherry
Sauces & Dishes WITH ONION
05; Bekter’s Ginger
05; Kung Pao… Yow!
06; Asian Coconut
Egg Drop Soup
Hot & Sour Soup
garnish on appetizer sauces & rice

Ghengis grill does a better job of letting people know up front what the ingredients are.  They have brocures right up at the hostess stand that list all the ingredients, as well as the macro-nutrient counts.  The sauces are ok, but it seems like everything is a little too sweet and salty if you don’t get the starch.  I suspect they would be better with the starch (noodles, rice, whatever)
carbs per ladle
00; Asian Chili, hot (listed as 0 carb/.5 oz), sugar
06; Szechuan, hot, HFCS
10; Island Teriyaki, mild, fructose
12; Sweet N Sour, medium, sugar
13; Stir Fry, mild, sugar
15; 3G, mild, fructose
16; Chili Garlic, hot (listed as 8 carb/.5oz), sugar
17; Honey Soy Sauce, mild, fructose
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