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Fundraiser costume party

8th October 2010

Fundraiser costume party

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I was asked to give a speech at a fund-raising event for the University’s Speech Language Hearing Clinic.  The theme was “Nifty Fifties”, and we had the option of dressing in costume, so we did.

Zach was left alone with the camera while I finished getting ready.

Under that sweater is a pocket protector.  Perfection.  He was going to shave his goatee off because it wasn’t historically accurate.  I had to beg him not to cut it off entirely, but it still bugged him.

Yummy food, good chocolate, and the best little cupcakes I have ever had in my life. After I spoke I could enjoy the complimentary champagne too. I don’t know what made me more tipsy, the sugar rush or the glass of champagne.

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