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Meeting a friend at Exploration Place

11th March 2009

Meeting a friend at Exploration Place

#70 Maze love

We went to meet some friends from ST at Exploration Place. When we walked into the main hall, I knew we were going to have problems getting Zane past the room into the rest of the building. The big hall was filled with mazes, Zane’s obsession for a while now. He happily traced or walked the path through every maze in the room.

Zora, my social one, made “friends” within minutes of being there.

Zane did play with Zora on the singing see-saw (it had balls in that ran through chimes as you moved the see-saw up and down)

This is a reproduction of a maze that is in his favorite book about mazes. He spent a lot of time working this one out.

Eventually Justin and Rose caught up with us. The lady in this picture (I can’t remember her name any more) was one of the counselors at Camp STARR at Heartsprings last summer and knew Zane too. Justin is about a year older than Zora and they often play together after his ST. (Zane’s session is right after Justin’s this semester)

We did make our way to a few other displays before ending up in the toddler play area.

Zane really liked the tornado booth. Figures.

I didn’t really get any photos of the play area because I was too busy keeping track of kids and talking to other parents. I did meet another mom new to the country who was wanting her son to be evaluated for autism. She was really excited to see Zane (he was looking mighty autistic that day) and quickly broached the subject, relieved to find somebody who could point her to resources. In Japan she was a SpEd teacher, but had no idea how to access resources here. Needless to say, by the time she left she had a pretty good list of resources. It made me feel like I was there for a reason.

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