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Zora and the Twee Sew-cuws

30th November 2008

Zora and the Twee Sew-cuws

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After the tree was up, Zora insisted that we come downstairs with her, and we couldn’t understand what she wanted for a bit because she just kept saying “twee sew-cuws” over and over. She drug Zach downstairs into the school room (where we keep all the craft supplies) and pointed out a specific pair of scissors, the crayons, the tape, and colored paper and directed his choice of colors. We finally figured out that she wanted to make a circle garland for the tree. I started cutting strips and handing them to Zach and Zora to decorate. She was enthusiastic.

This garland is serious business

Zach, entertaining himself, made a mobius strip garland

Zora demonstrated how much she loved it

Zach continues to deviate from the garland

In Zora’s world, everything is better with tape.

Over my shoulder, Zane is listening to Mario Videos, his current obsession.

Zora grabs the camera for a bit and takes a few blurry pictures of me (yeah…don’t need to see me close up right now, so we are skipping those photos) and attempts to take some of Zach, but keeps getting the table instead. Finally I help her lift the front of the camera a bit as she is yelling “cheese” over and over to Daddy and he ducks down into the frame, to get this hilarious shot

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  1. 1 On December 3rd, 2008, Tiff said:

    Looks like you’ve got a crafty one on your hands!

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