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Bloggy Friends. Be jealous.

1st November 2008

Bloggy Friends. Be jealous.

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Guess who I got to see on the way back?

I will give you six hints:

For those of you not getting it yet, try this:

Yes, my friends, it is FeeBee. She used to live nearby, and when I visited her I wished with everything in me that she still did. It was so good to see her again, even though we were both exhausted. I walked into her house so tired I didn’t know how I was going to make it home, and left refreshed and energized to finish the trip. It was SOOOO good to see her. It was also the first time I could sit in a house that was not my own and have no worries, what-so-ever, about the kids. Everything was bolted down and locked like Fort Knox. No worries of escaping or destroying and lots of playmates to keep everybody happy. Plus, added bonus, Zane was able to easily integrate into the group because he was normal to them. WooHoo!

It was so much fun. I hope we get a better car soon so that we can repeat the trek to their place more often. My soul feels so happy when I spend time with them.

I didn’t take very many pictures because Bede discovered the camera (and the viewscreen that he could look at) and comanderred the camera for much of the visit. It was so fun to see him playing with it, very much like Zane does. We have 80-some self portraits of Bede on our camera. lol (I’ll have to upload them to Walgreens or something so you can see them Fee)

Here are a few that I did get:

Trixie and Zora are less than two months apart in age, and they were very similar to each other in personality. They also both like to pretend they are animals. lol.

Thank you so much for opening your home to us Fee. We enjoyed seeing the clan live and in person. Pictures are nice, but seeing the real live kids is so much better!

ETA: More pictures on FeeBee’s blog

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There are currently 2 responses to “Bloggy Friends. Be jealous.”

  1. 1 On November 1st, 2008, feebee said:

    It was lovely to see you all. I wish we lived closer!

  2. 2 On November 2nd, 2008, Bianca said:

    I love living vicariously through your pics. I never got to meet feebee, so all I know of her is what you and Keri have said. Wonderful.

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