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Escape, American Style…TV shows worth watching.

7th October 2008

Escape, American Style…TV shows worth watching.

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Since the TV I like is generally not kid friendly (big fan of shows like Law & Order, CSI & NCIS), we have had to look elsewhere for TV we can watch with the kids around.

I really am not a fan of most “reality” TV. I never got into Survivor, and didn’t even bother with Big Brother because it just seemed annoying to watch. I enjoy the talent shows enough to tune in when I think about it, especially the dance oriented shows, but it has been a while since there was a well written show that was family friendly, until now.

I have discovered a sitcom worth watching. It is called “Big Bang Theory“, and is sort of like a nerdy version of Friends. (Even the theme song is pretty neat) Zach and I both laugh through the whole show. It is smart, funny, and makes so many geeky references it has you astonished at the writer’s breadth of geeky knowledge. One of the main guys on the show is the actor who played “David” on Rosanne. Sarah Gilbert, who played “Darlene” on Rosanne, is also a reaccuring character…except in this show, they both have PhDs in Physics. Our favorite character on the show is “Sheldon”, although all of the characters are good. Sheldon, however, is a work of genius and exemplifies every wonderfully nerdy characterstic out there.

Right after that show is “How I Met Your Mother”, which is also pretty decent, but doesn’t hit our funny bone as much. It is sort of cool to see Neil Patrick Harris all grown up in another role though, especially one so different from Doogie.

For those of you that enjoy Star Wars, there is a new series on the Cartoon Network that is an all-animation version of Star Wars, and takes place during the Clone Wars. (between movies 2 & 3). It seems pretty cool so far, but they are just getting started.

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  1. 1 On October 8th, 2008, Dawn said:

    Casey and I have been BIG fans of Big Bang Theory from the beginning. We are both so busy it is usually the only show we see all week. We record it and then watch it together. After that we are always quoting the lines. Our most recent favorite is, “Hop you little plummer. Hop, Hop, Hop.”

  2. 2 On November 19th, 2008, Jesse said:

    omgz Big Bang Theory is our new favorite show that we actually look forward to watching each week (How I Met Your Mother is our other favorite). I guess I’m geeky enough to get all the references and laugh hysterically. I actually did think this week that it is geeky version of Friends, even the set and staging is similar. Sheldon is a stroke of genius on behalf of both the actor and the writers, right down to his tshirts :P

    We’re also enjoying The Clone Wars, and Cartoon Network also has Total Drama Island – I hate reality shows and I love satire so that makes that show really funny to me. Now if CN would just put Foster’s back on the air… :lol:

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