Taking the Scenic Route

Sunday evening

25th September 2008

Sunday evening

(Yeah, I am a little behind on the blog)

We met my folks at Sams, shopped with them for a bit, then went to Brahms and had supper, then to our place to look at the car and see what it needed to stop throwing a wall of smoke out behind me when I drove my 1 and 2 mile jaunts. (the car gets a total of 12 miles a week now over 4 days going to ST. We can’t do OT or Hippotherapy or Music Therapy right now because, even if I could find the services and could afford the services, I couldn’t get us there unless it was within a really small area here)

Brahms had some problems with their computers, so the wait was exceptionally long. It didn’t matter though because Grandma had the kids entertained with the salt and pepper shakers and table tent. lol.

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