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Work ends for the week and we go out for the evening

17th August 2008

Work ends for the week and we go out for the evening

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In the square in the middle of town.

We see lots of touring bikes everywhere

Looking towards the hotel from the town square

Remember the webcam pictures of the town square I linked to before I left?  We think this is the camera that is shooting those pictures.

If you look closely, you can see the white speck that is the camera on the leftmost lower window on the roof of the building on the right.  (the one with the stepped roof line with no shops)

One of the bakeries you can see from the camera. We had coffee and split a bun with cheese baked on it.

These little bees are everywhere.  They drive Zach absolutely nuts.  They are about as abundant as flies are in Kansas. (and about as annoying)

After some shopping, we went back to the hotel for supper.  Tonight the weather was nice enough that they had the patio dining open, so we opted for that. 


If you like something, you can show approval with a thumbs up, but if you show them the A-OK sign, you are calling them a bad name.  (a stinky part of your body).  Don’t do that.  If they know you are an American they are polite enough not to tell you, but certainly notice the faux pax.  If they don’t know you are Americans, they might kick your butt.

 Looking around, enjoying the beer, waiting for the food.

Ah, the food.  I can not say enough good things about the food here.  It is just divine. 

On the way from the hotel restaurant back to our room, we pass by the pizza place we have been to a few times and realized we had no photo of it.  Good food here too, but much more casual.  There seems to be a lot of the combo of Pizza and what appear to be Gyros.  (some sort of Turkish food)

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