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Last Day of Camp SSTAR

25th July 2008

Last Day of Camp SSTAR

Zane’s camp ended today. It was a really good week for him. (except that he seemed to have a stomach bug or something this morning, but he perked up this afternoon) At the award ceremony he got a certificate for “Good Listening and Gentleness”.

At the ceremony I discovered there was a second news story about the camp. Zane is in this one too. He is in the green shirt througout, so it was taken on Monday. (the only day he wore a green shirt)

A few pictures from the final awards ceremony and wrap up.

Don’t they look thrilled.

Suddenly, he seemed to perk up…wonder why. lol. (showing features of the website the older kids made)

And here is the little stinker that caused us to leave early. It was naptime and she was not handling things well. She also insisted on wearing the too small hat, despite the fact she had really cute hair today. (earlier in the week I wouldn’t have minded because her hair was a mess.)

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  1. 1 On July 26th, 2008, mischievium said:

    I’m so glad Zane had the opportunity to go to a camp where he could feel successful.

    PS You need to go check my blog. Now. :D

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