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16th July 2008

Blog Moving Underway

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The blog move has been slower going than anticipated because I am sick. I thought I was getting better, but Sunday night when I (tried) to go to bed, I started coughing and coughing and coughing. I don’t think I got more than an hour of sleep the whole night. Monday was no better, and I just got back from the doctor with an Rx for an upper respiratory infection and ear infection. Yeah me.

On the new blog, I transferred over the posts, but none of the titles stuck, so I have gradually been going through them and putting a title on them. Zach got an image loader set up for me in the last day or so, but my brain is so foggy I haven’t been able to retain the new information, so I haven’t used it for a post yet. I am getting a backlog of pictures though. lol. Hopefully tonight I can start getting some of the new posts up. We also need to put an email subscription button. There is an RSS feed button, but I prefer getting emails to RSS feeds because I am an old fart and don’t feel like figuring out how to do the RSS feed. lol

We did find a program to upload xanga onto wordpress. Worked well, except for these points:

It didn’t upload the titles with the posts, just put the date of the post there instead.
Made everything public, including both private and protected posts. Ugh. I had to go through all of my posts an put the relevant ones back on private (ya know, because most people don’t really want to hear the status of my menstrual cycle or my workout/weight information…and I don’t particularly feel like sharing it publically either).
And, as of right now, all the pictures are hotlinked to xanga. lol. I need to fix that before I tell xanga that I don’t want their stinkin’ subscription any more.
Although it transferred all of the comments, it didn’t keep the name of the person making the comment.
You are welcome to take a peek, but there aren’t really any new posts yet (hoping that will change tonight or in the next few days): http://www.takingscenicroute.com/

Until I get a subscription method set up over there and the photos all transferred, I will keep this blog going.

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